Operational Rules

RFL Information


Founded 1895

Patron                         Her Majesty the Queen

Chairman                    Brian Barwick

Board of Directors        Nigel Wood, Clare Morrow, Bob Stott, Ralph Rimmer, Simon Johnson 

Life President              The Rt Hon Earl of Derby

Life Vice Presidents      Mr R Ashby, Mr C C Hutton, Mr H Jepson OBE, David Oxley CBE, Sir Rodney Walker

President                   Andrew Farrow   

Vice President             Dr Paul Morgan     



RFL Ltd & Super League

(Europe) Ltd

Red Hall,

Red Hall Lane,

Leeds, LS17 8NB

0844 477 7113



0844 8561113



0844 8565013







Executive Management Team



Brian Barwick 0844 477 7113 Michelle.gibson@rfl.uk.com

Chief Executive Officer
Nigel Wood MBA FCCA 0844 477 7113 charlotte.monkman@rfl.uk.com



Chief Operating Officer
Ralph Rimmer 0844 477 7113 ralph.rimmer@rfl.uk.com

Director of Finance and Central Services
Sue Allan 0844 477 7113 sue.allan@rfl.uk.com

Director of Participation and Strategic Partnerships
David Gent 0844 477 7113 david.gent@rfl.uk.com

Director of Projects and Planning
Sally Bolton 0844 477 7113 sally.bolton@rfl.uk.com

Director of Performance and Coaching
Jon Roberts 0844 477 7113 jon.roberts@rfl.uk.com

Director of Standards and Licensing
Blake Solly 0844 477 7113 blake.solly@rfl.uk.com

Director of Commercial
James Mercer 0207 502 6000 james.mercer@rfl.uk.com



Acting Head of Legal
Graeme Sarjeant 0844 477 7113 graeme.sarjeant@rfl.uk.com

Head of Participation & Regions
Matt Birkett 0844 477 7113 matt.birkett@rfl.uk.com

Match Officials Director
Jon Sharp 0844 477 7113 jon. sharp@rfl.uk.com

Media Manager
John Ledger 0844 477 7113 john.ledger@rfl.uk.com

Operations Director
Emma Rosewarne 0844 477 7113 emma.rosewarne@rfl.uk.com

Head of Partnerships & Community Projects
Chris Rostron 0844 477 7113 chris.rostron@rfl.uk.com

Council Representatives and Deputies


Club/Society Representative Deputy
BARLA Spen Allison
BARLA Sue Taylor
Barrow Raiders Karen Heighton
Batley Bulldogs Kevin Nicholas
Bradford Bulls Mark Moore Robbie Hunter-Paul
Castleford Tigers Martin Lea
Armed Forces Rugby League Dean Andrews Jason Talbot
Dewsbury Rams Andrew Farrow Tony Scargill
Doncaster Carl Hall John Scarrow
English Schools Ian Szwandt
Featherstone Rovers Craig Poskitt Mark Campbell
Gateshead Thunder Keith Christe
Halifax Ian Croade Michael Steele
Huddersfield Giants Paul Morgan Richard Thewlis
Hull FC Adam Pearson Tony Sutton
Hull Kingston Rovers Mike Smith Neil Hudgell
Hunslet Hawks Neil Hampshire
Keighley Cougars Gary Fawcett Neil Cullen
Leeds Rhinos Gary Hetherington
Leigh Centurions John Roddy Trevor Barton
London Broncos Gus MacKay
London Skolars Mark Croston
North Wales Crusaders Jamie Thomas
Oldham Chris Hamilton
Rochdale Hornets Mark Wynn
St Helens Eamonn McManus Jim Hartley
Salford City Reds Dave Matthews
Sheffield Eagles Ian Swire John Whaling
Student Rugby League John Piercy Pat Crawshaw
South Wales Scorpions Chris Thair
Swinton Lions John Kidd Paul Kidd
Tier 3 Trevor Hunt
Tier 4 Adult Martin Coyd
Tier 4 Youth & Juniors Charlie Bray
University of Gloucestershire All Golds Rob Webber
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Michael Carter
Warrington Wolves Andy Gatcliffe Steven Broomhead
Whitehaven Barry Richardson
Widnes Vikings James Rule Steve O'Connor
Wigan Warriors Ian Lenagan Nigel Hansford
Workington Town David Bowden Malcolm Allison
York City Knights Sarah Guildford

Directors of Super League (Europe) Ltd

3 Brian Barwick
Nigel Wood
Richard Bowker CBE

Company Secretary: Nigel Wood

Community Board


Organisation/Position Name
Chair Clare Morrow
Armed Forces Rugby League Damian Clayton MBE
English Schools Ian Szwandt
RFL Nigel Wood
BARLA Sue Taylor
Conference Leagues Trevor Hunt
Independent Member Peter Moran
Youth and Junior Leagues Charlie Bray
Independent Member Fred Baker
Student Rugby League Pat Crawshaw
Adult Regional Leagues Martin Coyd OBE

Rugby League Cares

5 Rugby League Cares is the sports new charity dedicated to supporting the Rugby League family and its local communities. Our mission is to enhance and enrich people's lives through the power and positive influence of Rugby League.
Rugby League Cares supports Rugby League's broad community - Past, Present & Future:

Past: Celebrating and protecting Rugby League's heritage and traditions.
Present: Helping to take care of members of the Rugby League family, especially in times of hardship and distress.
Future: Securing the future by funding, and supporting projects at the grassroots of the game.

Rugby League Cares is a registered charity in England and Wales (1150763) For more information please visit http://www.rugbyleaguecares.org/about

Past Life Vice Presidents of the RFL


Past Chairmen of the Council

7 1897-97 H.H. WALKER Brighouse Rangers
1897-98 J.E. WARREN Warrington
1898-99 D.F. BURNLEY Batley
1899-1900 J.H. SMITH Widnes
1900-01 H. HUTCHINSON Wakefield Trinity
1901-02 J.H. HOUGHTON St. Helens
1902-03 J. CLIFFORD Huddersfield
1903-04 R. COLLINGE Rochdale Hornets
1904-05 F. LISTER Bradford
1905-06 J.H. SMITH Widnes
1906-07 J.B. COOKE Wakefield Trinity
1907-08 H. ASHTON Warrington
1908-09 J. NICHOLL Halifax
1909-10 J.H. HOUGHTON St. Helens
1910-11 J.W. WOOD Leeds
1911-12 G. TAYLOR Wigan
1912-13 W.D. LYON Hull
1913-20 J.H. SMITH Widnes
1920-22 W. FILLAN Huddersfield
1922-23 J. COUNSELL Wigan
1923-24 J.H. DANNATT Hull
1924-25 R. GALE Leigh
1925-26 J.F. WHITAKER Batley
1926-27 E. OSBORNE Warrington
1927-28 C. PRESTON Dewsbury
1928-29 F. KENNEDY Broughton Rangers
1929-30 W.J. LINGARD Halifax
1930-31 F. MATTINSON Salford
1931-32 E. BROWN Millom (Cumberland)
1932-33 W. POPPLEWELL Bramley
1933-34 W.M. GABBATT Barrow
1934-35 J. LEWTHWAITE Hunslet
1935-36 T. ASHCROFT St. Helens Recs.
1936-38 A.A. BONNER Wakefield Trinity
1938-40 G.F. HUTCHINS Oldham
1940-42 A. TOWNSEND Leeds
1942-45 R.F. ANDERSON Warrington
1945-46 R. LOCKWOOD Huddersfield
1946-47 W.H. HUGHES Salford
1947-48 W.A. CROCKFORD Hull Kingston Rovers
1948-49 T. BROWN Liverpool Stanley
1949-50 H. HORNBY Bradford Northern
1950-51 A. WIDDESON E. Lancs. Am. Rep
1951-52 SIR EDWIN AIREY Leeds
1952-53 B. MANSON Swinton
1953-54 C.W. ROBINSON York
1954-55 J. HILTON Leigh
1955-56 G. OLDROYD Dewsbury
1956-57 H.E. RAWSON Hunslet
1957-58 C.E. HORSFALL Halifax
1958-59 F. RIDGEWAY Oldham
1959-60 W. CUNNINGHAM Huddersfield
1960-61 J.S. BARRITT Bradford Northern
1961-62 T. MITCHELL Workington Town
1962-63 W. SPAVEN Hull Kingston Rovers
1963-64 DR H. ROEBUCK Liverpool City
1964-65 A. WALKER Rochdale Hornets
1965-66 A.B. SHARMAN Leeds
1966-67 J.B. HARDING Leigh
1967-68 J.N. SMALLWOOD Keighley
1968-69 J. JEPSON Featherstone Rovers
1969-70 J.J. DAVIES Widnes
1970-72 H. LOCKWOOD Huddersfield
1972-74 R. SIMPSON Castleford
1974-76 G.B. SNAPE Salford
1976-78 H. WOMERSLEY Bradford Northern
1978-80 S. BAXENDALE Wigan
1980-81 J. MYERSCOUGH Leeds
1981-82 W.B. OXLEY Barrow
1982-83 J. GRINDROD Rochdale Hornets
1983-84 J. BATEMAN Swinton
1984-85 R. PARKER Blackpool Borough
1985-86 J. SEDDON St. Helens
1986-87 J.D. WIGHAM Whitehaven
1987-93 R. ASHBY Featherstone Rovers
1993-02 R. M. WALKER Wakefield Trinity

Past Presidents of the RFL

8 1988-89 L. J. BETTINSON Salford
1989-90 S. ACKROYD Halifax
1990-91 H. JEPSON OBE Leeds
1991-92 M. P. LINDSAY Wigan
1992-93 C.C.HUTTON Hull Kingston Rovers
1993-94 R. WAUDBY Hull
1994-95 R. TEEMAN Bramley
1995-96 K. HETHERINGTON Sheffield Eagles
1997 W. J. MASON Hunslet
1998 T. SMITH Widnes Vikings
1999 W. GARRETT Warrington Wolves
2000 R. CALVIN Whitehaven
2001 M. WHITE Swinton Lions
2002 R. TAYLOR Rochdale Hornets
2003 T. FLEET Widnes Vikings
2004 G. HETHERINGTON Leeds Rhinos
2005 P. HINDLE Castleford Tigers
2006 S. WAGNER Featherstone Rovers
2007 G. LILES Hunslet Hawks
2008 K. NICHOLAS Batley Bulldogs
2009 C. HAMILTON Oldham
2010 B. RISMAN
2011 J. WHALING Sheffield Eagles
2012 J HARTLEY St Helens
2013 D. Oxley CBE

RFL Hall of Fame

9 Inducted 1988
Billy Batten
Brian Bevan
Billy Boston MBE
Neil Fox MBE
Alex Murphy OBE
Jonty Parkin
Gus Risman
Albert Rosenfeld
Jim Sullivan
Harold Wagstaff

Inducted 2000
Vince Karalius
Roger Millward MBE
Tom Van Vollenhoven

Inducted 2005
Eric Ashton MBE
Douglas Clark MM
Ellery Hanley MBE
Martin Hodgson

Inducted in 2013
Lewis Jones
Mick Sullivan
Garry Schofield OBE
Martin Offiah MBE

Roll of Honour

10 2003
Frank Myler
Tommy Sale MBE
Johnny Whiteley MBE
Harold Swift MBE
Bev Risman OBE
Maurice Oldroyd
Tony Gartland
Douglas Hird
Stan Wall
Hilda Hardy
Ray French MBE
Mike Stephenson
Peter Fox
Fred Lindop MBE
Ron Earnshaw
Vic Wakeling CBE
Neville Smith
Martin Coyd OBE
June Kennedy
Raymond Fletcher
Ray Unsworth
Ron England
Mike Nicholas
Jackie Reid MBE
Andrew Cudbertson
Tim Adams
Jim Spencer QC
Natalie Gilmour
Ron Girvin
Keith Burhouse

The Mike Gregory Spirit of Rugby Award

11 2008 Mike Gregory
2009 Steve Prescott MBE
2010 Ray French MBE
2011 Harry Jepson OBE
2012 Jamie Peacock MBE
2013 Martin Coyd OBE

Operational Rules Tribunal

12 Mr J Atkinson
Mr I Butt
Mr R Bridge
Mr D Campbell
HH P Charlesworth
Mr C Clarke
Mr P Dixon
Mr R Evans
Mrs F Everson
Mr G Fairbairn
Mr D Fox
Mr W George
HH Judge R Grant
Mr G Hallas
Mr J Hamer
HH Judge L Hull
Mr B Lilley
Mr N McAvoy
Mr A McInnes
Mr M Pike
Mr D Poulter
HH Judge J Spencer
Mr N Turley
Mr J Wells

Secretary to the Operational Rules Tribunal
Mr M Dixon

Match Review Panel

13 Mr S Ganson
Mr P Dixon
Mr S Presley
Mr M Burnett
Mr N Shuttleworth
Mr D Hardman – Acting Compliance Manager

Man of Steel Winners

14 1977 David Ward Leeds
1978 George Nicholls St Helens
1979 Doug Laughton Widnes
1980 George Fairbairn Wigan
1981 Ken Kelly Warrington
1982 Mick Morgan Carlisle
1983 Allan Agar Featherstone Rovers
1984 Joe Lydon Widnes
1985 Ellery Hanley MBE Bradford Northern
1986 Gavin Miller Hull Kingston Rovers
1987 Ellery Hanley MBE Wigan
1988 Martin Offiah MBE Widnes
1989 Ellery Hanley MBE Wigan
1990 Shaun Edwards Wigan
1991 Garry Schofield OBE Leeds
1992 Dean Bell Wigan
1993 Andy Platt Wigan
1994 Jonathan Davies Warrington
1995 Denis Betts Wigan
1996 Andrew Farrell OBE Wigan
1997 James Lowes Bradford Bulls
1998 Iestyn Harris Leeds Rhinos
1999 Adrian Vowles Castleford Tigers
2000 Sean Long St Helens
2001 Paul Sculthorpe St Helens
2002 Paul Sculthorpe St Helens
2003 Jamie Peacock MBE Bradford Bulls
2004 Andrew Farrell OBE Wigan Warriors
2005 Jamie Lyon St Helens
2006 Paul Wellens St Helens
2007 James Roby St Helens
2008 James Graham St Helens
2009 Brett Hodgson Huddersfield Giants
2010 Pat Richards Wigan Warriors
2011 Rangi Chase Castleford Tigers
2012 Sam Tomkins Wigan Warriors
2013 Danny Brough Huddersfield Giants

The RFL Customer Charter

15 The RFL is committed to providing excellent service to all its customers. This Charter sets out the RFL’s policies.

Mission Statement – The RFL is committed to managing, developing and promoting Rugby League in order to provide excellent, high quality customer services for the whole Rugby League family.

Object – The objects of the RFL as set out in the Articles of Association are:

(i) to acquire and undertake the assets and liabilities transferred to the Company by and to carryout the powers, obligations, duties and general objects of the present unincorporated association known as the Rugby Football League and to indemnify the Rugby Football League, its officers, members, members of its board and its council and any other committees and its employees against all costs, claims, demands, actions and proceedings relating to those assets and liabilities and the undertaking of the Rugby Football League and in respect of all liabilities, obligations and commitments (whether legally binding or not) of the Rugby Football League transferred to the Company and also in respect of the costs and expenses and outgoings from or attributable to the transfer of assets and undertaking;
(ii) to foster, govern, develop, organise and manage the game of rugby league football (“the Game”), in respect of all age groups, at all levels and for both sexes, in Great Britain and Ireland;
(iii) to develop and manage the playing of the Game at an international level;
(iv) to make, adopt, vary and publish bye laws, regulations and conditions for the management and/or governance of the Game and its competitions and matters relating thereto, and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such bye laws,
regulations and conditions;
(v) to organise and administer competitions for the playing of the Game in Great Britain and Ireland by Clubs and those others invited to participate in such competitions;
(vi) to promote, provide for, regulate and manage all or any details or arrangements or other things as may be considered necessary or desirable for, or ancillary to, the comfort, conduct, convenience or benefit or players of the Game and of the public or of any other persons concerned or engaged in or associated with the Company;
(vii) to assist and co-operate with any organisation having similar objectives;
(viii) to exploit and sell and enter into contracts and other arrangements in relation to, and to take action to protect, all rights in or relating to Matches and other intellectual property rights of the Company insofar as those rights are vested in or are managed by the Company;
(ix) to discipline players, Clubs and members for breaches of any bye laws, rules or regulations or the Laws of the Game and to adjudicate in respect of disputes between Clubs;
(x) to do all such other acts or things, to enter into contracts and undertakings with others and to take such other steps as may in the opinion of the Company or the Board be conducive to the attainment or furtherance of the objects of the Company; and
(xi) to commit to the principles of equal opportunities and to ensure that the culture, philosophy and processes within the Company and the Game are free from bias and discrimination.

Contact with the RFL
BY POST - Feedback, RFL, Red Hall, Red Hall Lane, Leeds LS17 8NB
BY PHONE - 0844 477 7113
BY E-MAIL - feedback@rfl.uk.com
BY WEBSITE - www.rfl.uk.com

We will try to respond to any letter, fax or e-mail within 7 working days of receipt of such communication. If it is not possible to provide a full response to the issue raised within that time, an acknowledgement will be sent and a detailed reply will following within 28 working days of the original communication.

We will attempt to resolve all justifiable complaints within 28 working days. If, however, this cannot be done, we promise to keep the complainant updated on the progress of the complaint.

Misconduct Complaints
All complaints of alleged misconduct made about persons subject to the Operational Rules of the RFL will be forwarded to the office of the Compliance Manager. Complainants may be required to complete an official complaint form.

Staff Conduct
RFL staff will conduct themselves in a courteous and responsive manner in all dealings with customers. The RFL is committed to treating all persons equally. All complaints of misconduct made about member of RFL staff will be forwarded to the Human Resources Manager or the Compliance Manager as appropriate.
The RFL is committed to consulting with recognized supporter and other customer groups.

Nigel Wood
Chief Executive

Equity and Diversity Statement

16 As the National Governing Body for Rugby League, the RFL is committed to ensuring that the culture, philosophy and processes within the organisation and wider game are free from bias and discrimination.

Equity is about fairness. The RFL is responsible for setting the standards, vision and values that should apply throughout the organisation and game. Our vision for equity is to ensure that discrimination in sport is tackled, barriers identified and overcome and current inequalities in participation across the game are addressed.

Rugby League is a game for everyone to enjoy equally and as an inclusive and welcoming organisation we respect and value the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
The RFL affirms its commitment to achieving equal outcomes whatever their gender, gender identity, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, maternity/ paternity, social background, political affiliation or any other visible or non visible difference.
The RFL is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy Rugby League in an environment free form the threat of discrimination, intimidation, harassment or abuse

Our actions - the actions of all employees - are governed by our Aims, Values and Behaviours. Our core values, fair, care, share and dare set a tone of integrity for the governing body - one that is reinforced consistently at all levels and by all staff.

The management of RFL will respond effectively and appropriately to any instances of discriminatory behaviour or practices according to the published rules, policies and procedures of the RFL.

RFL will take positive action:
(i) to redress and eliminate individual and institutional discrimination
(ii) to comply with statutory and legislative objectives
(iii) to make equality and management diversity core to the development and delivery of policies, initiative and services to staff, volunteers, members and partners.

Sarah Williams
RFL Equality & Diversity Manager