Operational Rules

Section E18: Talent Identification &Recruitment Personnel Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to protect the welfare of players in the game, particularly those that are identified as being talented, and to ensure that their treatment is in line with the RFL Safeguarding policy.

Talent identification and recruitment personnel should:

-        Be fully aware of the RFL’s Safeguarding Policy and act in accordance with that policy at all times

-        Be appointed by the club, according to the recruitment procedures detailed in the Safeguarding Policy and related policies and procedures

-        Be licensed by the RFL following a cleared DBS check, to be undertaken every three years

-        Be issued with a photo-identity card by the RFL, to be carried whenever attending a Rugby League event or match (such card to be issued on an annual basis)

-        Inform a club official of their attendance and present their ID card when requesting team information


-        Request permission to speak to players after the match from a club official

-        Only speak to players after receiving permission and only when the player is accompanied by a parent or club official

-        Show their ID card prior to speaking to the individual player or his parent/guardian.

-        Never put themselves in a position of being on their own with a player

-        Never enter changing or showering facilities

-        Refrain from making comments about players to spectators

-        Fully acquaint themselves of the current Scholarship Register as issued to clubs by the RFL

-        Never approach a player who is on the Scholarship register of another club and to adhere to the procedure and timetable of making a “Declaration of Intent” as laid down in the Scholarship Rules & Regulations

-        Always follow the procedure for the “Contracting and Registering a Year 11 player”

-        Understand and abide by the permitted numbers and age groups of the Scholarship Rules & Regulations

-        Avoid speaking to clubs, players, parents/guardians if the scout’s professional club is restricted from signing the player by the RFL’s regulations e.g.; no scholarship place available


-        Refrain from asking questions to spectators about players, all questions should be directed to a club official

-        Refrain from criticizing other professional clubs

-        Act according to the highest standards of integrity and ensure that the reputation of Club and League is not damaged by their behaviour

-        Respect the rights and choices of all human beings, treating everyone equally and sensitively regardless of their age, ethnic origin, gender, special needs including learning and physical disabilities, class or social background, , cultural background, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation

-        Ensure that all players are encouraged to achieve their full potential at all levels

-        Ensure that all players are afforded respect, confidentiality and privacy in a playing and training situation and any other Rugby League environment.