Lesson Four

Reds Classroom

Lesson 4

  • To understand the importance of tackling discrimination, prejudice and abuse
  • To be able to critically evaluate the RFL Tackle IT! programme
  • To be able to identify key messages, context, format and content of their project
  • To work as group to produce and present their campaign to tackle discrimination
  • To critically evaluate their own project and those of their peers.

Lesson Plan


Class discussion – Inform class they will be developing their own Tackle IT! programme. Ask the class for their ideas about what they want to do; their approach, key message, context, format, and content.

White board – record all the ideas and suggestions for their own Tackle IT! activity (does not have to be Rugby League based can be for their own sport or club or for the school)

Activity 1

Groups of 6 critically evaluate the Tackle IT! DVD and/or posters as a school based resource, how could you improve or adapt these resources.

DVD Resource 2– play again and display posters Resource 1

Provide each pair of students the critique of Tackle IT!

Information sheet to help them critique the programme. Resource 25


Reflect on the positives and negatives of the Tackle IT! programme

White board/ flip chart – divided into three columns; positive, negative and new ideas

Activity 2

Groups of 6 – planning session for developing their own Tackle IT! Programme culminating in a final report (could be; web based, magazine article, poster, PowerPoint or short film which they will present to their peers)

Set a date for each group to provide an overview of their plans and ensure the school is able to provide the resources required

Set a date for the final project presentation to peers and to showcase their work at an event

Provide each group with the Project planning sheet. Resource 26. Paper and pens to plan their project

Ensure the school has resources and tech support to enable students to achieve their plans and assist student to contact clubs / players or other organisations

Book a room for peer presentations and, if possible  a showcase event at a club



Presentation of each group final report – which is evaluated by themselves, their peers and teacher.

(Discuss with club the possibly of an event at the club to show case the students work with parents invited)

Presentation Rubric Resource 27

Project Rubric Resource 28

Project evaluation Resource 29



Final evaluation of the Tackle IT! education programme

Final Tackle IT! evaluation Resource 30

Tackle IT