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The Equality Standard – A Framework for Sport

Eq standard

The Equality Standard was introduced in to ensure that all sporting governing bodies work towards making their sport accessible to all.

Rugby League was one of the first national governing bodies of sport to achieve the Intermediate level in May 2011. Over the next few years we will be working towards the advanced level of the Equality Standard.

Intermediate level

The Intermediate level builds on the commitment and action demonstrated at Foundation and Preliminary levels. At this stage, demonstrable change in the organisation can be evidenced as the action plan and positive action schemes take effect. The benefits of delivering positive action schemes are rarely produced immediately and organisations should expect to progress through the Intermediate level over a period of two years or more.

UK Sport Equality Standard - Intermediate level

Developing your organisation
1. RFL has increased the diversity of leadership staff, board and senior volunteers

a) Action plan progress

b) Training on Equality and Diversity

c) Positive action schemes

d) Monitoring data to demonstrate increased diversity
2. RFL internal policies and procedures play due regard to diversity

a) Equality impact assessment

b) Communicate results set review date

Developing your services

1. RFL has increased diversity of people participating / using its services

a) Positive action programmes / partnerships programmes

b) Monitoring to demonstrate increased diversity
2. People inside and outside RFL are aware of successes and achievements in working towards equality

a) Positively promote RFL’s commitment to equality and diversity and action plan

b) In diverse range of media outlets

Two Ticks disability award scheme

RFL is committed to employing disabled people and has been awarded the Two Ticks Disability Symbol by Jobcentre Plus which recognises our commitment to good practice in employing people with disabilities.

To qualify for the 2 Tick Disability Symbol, we signed up to the following five commitments:

  • Interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria and consider them on their abilities.
  • Review the development needs of disabled employees at least once a year.
  • Make every effort to ensure employees can stay in employment if they become disabled.
  • Take action to develop disability awareness among key employees.
  • Review these commitments annually, to improve and publicise progress and future plans.

The 2 tick disability symbol aims to ensure that people with disabilities feel confident that their employer, or potential employer, will be positive about their abilities.

Equity and Diversity

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