2011 Census Data


The information from the 2011 census is gradually being made available to the public and as such the RFL Equality and Diversity Manager has complied some key demographic data for all our Super League clubs. This information will enable clubs to market, target and plan their work over the coming years more effectively as well as identifying key demographic changes in each area. If you have any further questions relating to this information please contact Sarah Williams at sarah.williams@rfl.uk.com.

If you would like to access additional information about your area or information about another area this is how you use the website;

  1. Click onto http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/census-data/index.html
  2. On right hand of page in downloads section click onto 2001-2011 Census comparator tool (3.63 Mb ZIP)
  3. Click onto Key Statistics Interface v 2.5 (excel document)
  4. Once opened if in protected view click onto enable editing then enable content (bar towards top of screen)
  5. Top left – select Region
  6. Then select desired Local Authority
  7. On right hand side click onto key statistics
  8. This will open a window with the full range of demographic data – scroll down to select or print off data required
  9. To select another geographical area click onto `front page’  tab at the bottom

Section 1

  • Summary of points and general trends that emerged from the analysis of the 2011 census data
  • How to use the website to access further information as required
  • Download Section 1 here

Section 2

  • Summary of key points relating to specific characteristics;

-       Ethnicity

-       Religion

-       Age and sex

-       Disability and long term illness

-       Socio economic – employment patterns

(N.B. There is no information relating to sexual orientation as the question was not included in the census.)

Download section 2 here

Section 3

  • Data from the 2001 and 2011 census is provided in the form of tables and graphs relating to ethnicity, religion and economic activity for each Local Authority (LA) within which the club is located. This will allow each club to compare demographic changes that have occurred within their LA over the course of the last ten years and to compare to data from their LA to county levels and across England and Wales. This information will better equip clubs to respond to changing needs and plan effectively.

-       Leeds LA – Leeds Rhinos

-       Bradford LA – Bradford Bulls

-       Wakefield LA – Wakefield Wildcats and Castleford Tigers

-       Kingston upon Hull LA – Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers

-       Kirklees LA – Huddersfield Giants

-       Richmond Upon Thames LA – London Broncos

-       Salford LA – Salford City Reds

-       St Helens LA – St Helens

-       Warrington LA – Warrington Wolves

-       Wigan LA – Wigan Warriors

-       Halton LA – Widnes Vikings