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Disciplinary Item


Case Number ON/641/14
Name Justin Carney
Club Castleford
Shirt Number 5
Match Castleford v London
Competition Super League
Date 03/08/14
Incident considered Dangerous Throw in 69th minute (Minns)
Decision Charge
Details of Charge / Reason for NF Rule – 15.1(d) Detail – Dangerous Throw Grade - B
Range of Recommended Sanctions in relation to Charged Grade* 1-2 Match Ban
Date of Disciplinary Committee 05/08/14
Evidence provided DVD
Decision On Charge
Player plea Guilty
Summary of CM's submissions on the Charge / evidence The Panel reviewed an incident which occurred in approximately the 69th minute of the above Match. In the Panel’s opinion in attempting to tackle your opponent (Minns) you used a Dangerous Throw and placed your opponent in a potentially dangerous position. The Panel believed that your actions were unnecessary and had the potential to cause your opponent serious injury. In accordance with the RFL’s On Field Sentencing Guidelines, the Panel consider that such offence is a Grade B offence (Dangerous Throw). If found to have committed the offence, again in accordance with the On Field Sentencing Guidelines, the normal suspension range for such offence is from a 1 to 2 match suspension. In addition the Tribunal has the power to impose such fine as it considers reasonable
Summary of Player's submissions on the Charge / evidence Player accompanied by Assistant Coach Danny Orr. Player pleads guilty to putting his opponent in a dangerous position during this tackle. No intent to injure the opponent. Once the player realises he has placed the opponent in the dangerous position he tries to redeem the tackle and his control of the tackle. Immediately shows remorse and shows concern for the welfare of the opponent. Other player involved does have some contribution. Club are working on the player's technique. Player concedes it is a weak point in his game and he is working with the coaching staff to alleviate this.
Decision Guilty Plea
Reasons for Decision
Decision On Sanction (where found to have committed Misconduct)
Summary of CM's submissions on the appropriate sanction
Summary of Player's submissions on the appropriate sanction Acceptance of guilt-showed immediate remorse and concern for the opponent-no intent
Aggravating Factors Potential for serious injury
Mitigating Factors
Reasons for Decision The tribunal find the frankness shown by the player and his representative commendable. The offence is admitted and the player accepts his tackling technique needs to be worked upon. The tribunal note the coaching staff have recognised this and are working on it. However this is the third time in 14 months that the player has appeared before the tribunal for similar offences. The tribunal feel this is a serious issue as the potential for injury in this type of tackle is high. The tribunal could go outside of the sentencing guidelines because of the player’s previous record for similar offences. In this instance the player is afforded credit for his frankness but make the point this matter needs to be sorted by the player and the coaching staff. Taking into account all the circumstances this tribunal feel that a 2 match suspension and £300 fine are appropriate
Suspension 2 Matches
Fine £300