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Super League Grand Final 2016

Disciplinary Item


Case Number ON/032/14
Name Jay Pitts
Club Doncaster
Shirt Number
Match Workington v Doncaster
Competition Championship
Date 16/02/14
Incident considered Dangerous Throw in 4th minute
Decision Charge
Details of Charge / Reason for NF Rule – 15.1(d) Detail – Dangerous Throw – Other tackler’s actions were part of the problem. Grade - B
Range of Recommended Sanctions in relation to Charged Grade* 1-2
Date of Disciplinary Committee 25/02/14
Evidence provided DVD On Field Report
Decision On Charge
Player plea Not guilty
Summary of CM's submissions on the Charge / evidence The Match Review Panel carefully considered this incident and were concerned at the technique used. As you can see from the footage the Workington player takes the ball in and is tackled by Mr Pitts and his teammate, Russ Spiers. Both tacklers take a leg and lift the legs beyond the horizontal. The results in the player being lifted in a Dangerous Throw which had the potential for serious injury. As both players take a leg each, the MRP felt that both players were culpable regarding this incident and therefore both players were charged with the offence of “Dangerous Throw – Other tackler’s actions part of the problem” – and it was categorised as a Grade B offence. It is not my contention that Mr Pitts has deliberately attempted to injure his opponent; however a dangerous technique was used. Defenders who tackle in this manner have a special responsibility to ensure that opponents are not exposed to an unnecessary risk of injury.
Summary of Player's submissions on the Charge / evidence Player on dual registration with Doncaster from Hull FC accompanied by Motu Tony Football Manager of Hull FC. Player pleads not guilty to charge. Went in low as first tackler to turn opponent and started to lift -team mate joins tackle and also lifts opponents leg This player realises the opponent is being lifted above the horizontal and into a dangerous position. The player realises his hold on the opponent and the opponent falls to the ground. This player indicates if the opponent had not wriggled as he did he would have ended up on his feet. No intent to hurt the opponent when realised in dangerous position let go.
Decision Not guilty
Reasons for Decision The tribunal take into account all that has been said by the player and his representative. The tribunal accept this player was first into the tackle and did start to lift the opponents leg but once realised the opponent was being put into a dangerous position he released his hold. Unfortunately the opponent had been lifted above the horizontal by another player involved in the tackle and went to the ground. The tribunal are satisfied this players involvement was not responsible for the opponent being lifted above the horizontal and feel this player is not guilty of the charge
Decision On Sanction (where found to have committed Misconduct)
Summary of CM's submissions on the appropriate sanction
Summary of Player's submissions on the appropriate sanction
Aggravating Factors
Mitigating Factors
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