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Disciplinary Item


Case Number ON/175/13
Name Justin Carney
Club Castleford
Shirt Number 2
Match St Helens v Castleford
Competition Super League
Date 01/04/13
Incident considered Dangerous Throw in 29th minute (Wellens)
Decision Charge
Details of Charge / Reason for NF Law: 15.1(d) Detail – Dangerous Throw - Lifting & dropping player Grade C
Range of Recommended Sanctions in relation to Charged Grade* 2-3
Date of Disciplinary Committee 03/04/13
Evidence provided DVD
Decision On Charge
Player plea Guilty plea
Summary of CM's submissions on the Charge / evidence Following a Match Review Panel meeting held on 02 April 2013, you are charged with misconduct for a breach of Law 15.1(d) during the above Match. The Panel reviewed an incident which occurred in approximately the 29th minute of the Match. This incident was placed ‘On Report’ by the Match Referee. The Panel were concerned that you lifted your opponent (Wellens) and then dropped him to the ground in an unsafe manner. The Panel believed that you were culpable in lifting your opponent into a dangerous position and that the tackle could have resulted in a serious injury. In accordance with the RFL’s On Field Sentencing Guidelines, the Panel consider that such offence is a Grade C offence; (Dangerous Throw – Lifting and Dropping Player). If found to have committed the offence, again in accordance with the On Field Sentencing Guidelines, the normal suspension range for such offence is from a 2 match to a 3 match suspension. In addition the Tribunal has the power to impose such fine as it considers reasonable.
Summary of Player's submissions on the Charge / evidence Danny Orr, Assistant Coach speaking on behalf of the player states the club pleads guilty however queries the grading of the offence but does accept the tackle was dangerous. Mr Orr disagrees that the initial contact/technique was perfect and what you would teach any young player. When the opponent is in the air that is when the tackle becomes dangerous however the player does not follow through with the tackle. After the opponent has passed the ball the player lets go of him. This incident happens within a split second. The tackle is dangerous, Mr Orr concedes however it is careless not reckless or intentional.
Decision Guilty plea
Reasons for Decision
Decision On Sanction (where found to have committed Misconduct)
Summary of CM's submissions on the appropriate sanction No further submissions
Summary of Player's submissions on the appropriate sanction Player has pleaded guilty but was a careless act. Only has 1 previous disciplinary record received this season after a number of seasons in the NRL.
Aggravating Factors Potential for serious injury
Mitigating Factors
Reasons for Decision The committee are of the opinion that the grading for this offence is correct. The tackle is one of a dangerous nature and thankfully did not result in a serious injury which could have been the case. The committee give the player credit for pleading guilty to the offence and the initial contact was good however the lifting of the opponent was a particularly dangerous act. The committee believe that a 2 match suspension and £300 fine is appropriate.
Suspension 2 matches
Fine £300