Child Welfare


Brian Barwick Statement on Safeguarding

“The whole organisation is committed to the Safeguarding policy according to RFL chairman Brian Barwick. ”I’ve been involved in sport all my life,” said Brian, “and I know what a powerful effect it can have on children and young people. It is vital that that experience is a positive one.

 “What happens when we are young can live with us for the rest of our lives. At the RFL we are determined to make involvement in Rugby League not only a happy and joyful experience for youngsters but also a safe and rewarding one. We aim to send out a message to parents that when their children enter our sport they can be assured they are in the best possible environment.

 “It is also important that the many volunteers and coaches who contribute so much to our game feel safe and secure. This policy will give them the confidence and assurance to go about their work in the knowledge that what they are doing is right and proper and remove any worries or fears they may have.

 “The RFL’s Safeguarding Policy is second to none but we will also be working with other agencies to constantly update and re-evaluate our practices and training. No one should be in any doubt about our commitment to this policy and I will put my full weight and authority behind ensuring that we maintain the highest standards.”

Online DBS Verifier Training

The new online system is a much more manageable system for all and we intend to have all applications completed via the online process for the start of the New Year. Training for verifiers has already taken place in Yorkshire, Hull, and the North West. There will be another round of training (details below) for all other verifiers before the end of the year. It is important that if you wish to continue to be a verifier that you attend one of these events. If you wish to withdraw from being a verifier, please contact Pete Stephenson. If you believe that another person at your club would like to take on the role please ask them to email Pete Stephenson to be notified of the training events.

There are no training dates planned at present, please email to register your interest in becoming an online verifier.

NEW - Online DBS

You are now able to complete and submit your DBS application online.

The new system can be accessed by clicking here. To begin the process you will need to enter the reference for your club, a list of which can be found by clicking here along with the password rfl123.

Once you have submitted your application you will still need to visit an RFL approved verifier to have your identity checked, a list of verifiers who are able to do this can be found by clicking here.

Once your application has been verified it is automatically submitted to the RFL, it is then countersigned and sent to the DBS for processing.

Once you have received your disclosure certificate this now only needs to be sent to The RFL if your certificate contains 'information' as we will need to carry out a risk assessment. We will be notified by the DBS of the disclosures we need to see.

Please note this only applies to applications submitted online, if you have completed a paper application your disclosure certificate still needs to be sent to The RFL regardless of whether it contains 'information' or not.

A printable guide to the online DBS system can be accessed by clicking here.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children

The welfare of children within Rugby League is paramount and the RFL are committed to ensuring the correct policies are adhered to within the game. The RFL Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy (published in 2008 and available to download in the Downloads section) contains the principles which must be adhered to by all clubs in the game to ensure that young people in the game can be healthy and happy, and allow them to enjoy and develop in the game of Rugby League.

The RFL Safeguarding team will support all clubs to ensure that best practice is followed at all times.

Please browse the pages in this section to find a wide range of information regarding Safeguarding.

If you have any specific queries or wish to discuss a concern, please contact the RFL Safeguarding team - details below.

RFL Safeguarding Team

Colette Eden                   Lead Safeguarding Officer

0113 237 5046                             07595 520610   

Emma Rosewarne                 Safeguarding Officer

0113 237 5013                             07850 483736

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