Working with the RFL

red hall

The RFL recognises that skill, effort, vision and commitment are all essential to create innovative and effective services to support the development, performance, market share, growth, accessibility of the sport and meet the needs of our stakeholders.

At the RFL we work to the highest standards to support the sport we love, we have created an environment where people with energy, integrity, professional excellence and commitment can work together to achieve our objectives.

We recognise the importance of diversity, understanding the value of individual ways of working and how they can achieve outstanding results, we offer our people the opportunity to grow and develop, both professionally and personally,

We employ a wide range of staff across the country, ranging from Development Officer's working at community level in London, Cumbria, Scotland and Wales, to marketing, finance, and administrative staff at our Red Hall Headquarters.

If you feel you have the talent and capability to contribute to the RFL Team, that you possess the skills, experiences, values and standards that are necessary to help us to achieve our objectives we would be pleased to hear from you.


Employment Awards