Why Choose the RFL

"It's an exciting, challenging but rewarding place to be"

There are many reasons why a career with The RFL is a good choice...

A bright future

Year on year the sport goes from strength to strength, there is a massive level of investment from Sport England.

Being part of the Rugby League Family

The wider rugby league family and community is passionate about our sport, with growing participation rates, interest and involvement at all levels you will quickly become part of this very large and special family.

Real Opportunity

We have ambitious plans to grow and develop our sport, new opportunities constantly arise as our business develops and expands, you can grow with us, developing your talents and skills.

Worklife Balance

Working together to develop the sport we love, we enjoy work, life and play - watching the games, organising the events and working to achieve a work life balance for all.

Being Yourself

We encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures to join us and work together to achieve their full potential valuing their differences and being themselves!


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