RFL DNA & Values


As part of its commitment to all its stakeholders, the RFL began consulting internally in 2007 to develop an overall vision for the organisation, its underlying mission, and its specific strategic aims.

This process has helped to promote a greater understanding of these concepts and has assisted the executive management team in planning.

The vision of the RFL is:

To be recognised throughout the world as a leading Governing Body of sport.

The mission of the RFL is:

The RFL is committed to managing, developing and promoting Rugby League and providing excellent, high quality services for the whole Rugby League family.

And finally, the four strategic aims of the RFL are:

a) To create the best elite level Rugby League competition(s) in the world

b) To create the best, viable and competitive semi-professional competition possible

c) To maximise the numbers engaged in our sport and the enjoyment derived from participation in Rugby League

d) To be successful internationally on a sustainable basis at all levels