Resource Centre


Welcome to the Resource Centre. Below you'll find resources to help you in your role as a coach:

  • General Resources - generic coaching resources including: the Primary Rugby League Rule Book - which introduces children to the game, perceptions and experiences of Rubgy League by minorities and various web-based resources including coaching social networks, elearning and mobile apps

  • Level 1 Resources - coaching resources specifically for Level 1 coaches, includes drills such as Rob the Nest, Kick and Chase and Side on Tackle

  • Level 2 Resources - coaching resources specifically for Level 2 coaches, including drills such as Last 15 Defence, Two Ball League and Killer Touch

  • CPD Resources - list of useful resources and equipment you can purchase to help you develop your coaching

Please note the Coaching Centre website is no longer available, all resources from that site are now available from the links above.