Level 3


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If you are working in a performance or professional environment and meet the criteria below then complete the application form at the bottom of this page.

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Level 3 Coaching Certificate in Rugby League

Want to work in a performance or professional environment, held a Level 2 (or equivalent for 2 years or more and want to progress within the game) – then you need a Level 3 qualification.

13 modules delivered over a period of 10 months. (6 modules delivered on residential course.)

Course Fee

Cost - £850

Minimum age 18

Candidates must have completed the following Continual Professional Development (CPD) workshops:

  • Induction/Task orientation
  • Self-Reflection
  • Performance Analysis
  • Self Reflection

Who is it for/Course Pre-requisites

This is Rugby League’s advanced level qualification for coaches operating in a performance environment. Coaches should be able to demonstrate at least 2 years coaching experience in Rugby League. The course is suitable for coaches who coach several times each week and have regular one to one contact with their player performers.

The course is suited to professional coaches, the aspiring professional coach or coaches working on the RFL`s performance pathway and within professional club structures. Candidates from these backgrounds would be considered to have the appropriate experience and access to a suitable coaching environment.

Course Aims

The course is designed to enhance acquired coaching knowledge and experience. The focus is on critically analysing the games positional specific demands within the high performance environment. The principles of building and absorbing pressure in Rugby League are also covered.

Course Content

  • How to establish and maintain a safe and effective coaching environment
  • Understanding performance analysis and goal setting
  • Principles of designing and planning in a coaching programme
  • Delivery of a coaching programme in the performance environment
  • Evaluation and development of the coaching programme

Course Exam/Certificate

In order to complete the qualification you must:

  • Attend all of the course hours
  • Pass all sections of the multi choice assessment paper
  • Successfully complete all practical observations on the course
  • Provide evidence of the completion of pre course and on course tasks

Course Duration

The Level 3 is delivered in a modular format and over four separate phases.

It requires 13 separate modules within the phases to be completed over a period of a minimum of 12 months and no longer than 2 years.

Attendance on all the modules is compulsory in order to achieve the qualification, as is the requirement to complete all tasks included at this level.

The coach will be assessed in their own coaching environment through both practical observation and professional discussion.

Attendance on a pre-course event is required to assess and action plan candidates to develop an individual learning programme to help candidate progression.

Further information and an application pack can be obtained by contacting 0113 201 5464.

The Application Process and “Working Towards”

ALL candidates who wish to enter onto the RFL Level 3 Coaching qualification programme must apply using the RFL application pack.

Acceptance on to the programme is subject to having held a UKCC Level 2 (or equivalent) qualification for a period of no less than two years. You should also be able to demonstrate 2 years coaching practice, within which you should have shown a strong commitment to Coach Development.

Application Process

All candidates must complete the standard application pack.

The pack allows the candidate to demonstrate their current skills and experience in coaching rugby league. It is essential that the candidate coach at this level can demonstrate all their coaching and professional experience, enabling the RFL assessors to direct the candidate onto the most suitable programme.

The information submitted on the application form will be evaluated against the qualification specifications and pre-requisites.

All candidates will be action planned and offered a place on the most suitable programme available.

Working Towards

On successful completion of the identified programme you will be offered a place, subject to agreement, to the most suitable Level 3 programme. This mutual agreement is considered to be “working towards” the Level 3 qualification.

For the avoidance of doubt the “working towards” statement covers a maximum period of two years on a Level 3 programme offered by the RFL and requires the candidate to complete the necessary units/modules within agreed time frames to achieve the Level 3 qualification.

Application Process and Working Towards Conditions

All RFL coaching programmes are subject to candidates formally agreeing to complete the necessary units/modules/course with the RFL. Candidates will have an agreed amount of time to complete the allocated units/modules/course and failure to complete with the required timescale will render the agreement null and void. The candidate will then have to re-enter the programme at the start of the application process

Coaches wishing to/or working in the professional game are required to engage a sponsor/mentor who will verify their commitment to achieving the coaching programme within the agreed time frames.

For more information call 0113 201 5464.