Ticket Selling Tips

Raffle selling

Selling raffle tickets can be quite a difficult thing to do, so we have come up with a list of FIVE top tips that will hopefully help your club or school make hundreds if not thousands of pounds!


TIP 1 - Organisation

Appoint ONE PERSON to co-ordinate sales. It is a proven way to succeed. Give each team selling tickets strict deadlines to return stubs and cash. Make one person in each team responsible. Check on their progress and collect money and stubs as you go along.

Make a record of the books you allocate. Only give a small number for each individual to sell, you can always give more to ‘star’ performers. Make sure people at the club/school know who to ask for extra tickets.

There are usually lots of events in the season you can use as sales opportunities: dinners, festivals, socials etc. so make sure someone is organising sales on the day.

Give yourself enough time to collect all the tickets and money and prepare the return to reach us before the deadline. November may be the deadline, however there is nothing to stop you returning ticket stubs earlier.


TIP 2 - Incentivise

The biggest selling clubs often incentivise each team to take part. Give each team at the club a target and let them keep a proportion of the money raised.

Children under the age of 16 cannot sell or be sold tickets.  Make sure that anyone under the age of 16 gives the tickets to parents and relatives to sell.

You can ask a club benefactor/sponsor to donate a prize for the person raising the most money or TARGET one of our club/school prizes as an incentive.


TIP 3 - Be Prepared

Always be prepared. Before you start selling raffle tickets, familiarise yourself with the product:

  • Know the cost of each ticket
  • Know when the draw is
  • Know what the prizes are
  • Know what the money raised is to be used for

Carry books of Raffle Tickets with you at all times, in your bag or in the car, you never know when an opportunity may arise. Remember… people in your community WANT to help your club/school, and buying Raffle Tickets is an inexpensive way they can do that.


TIP 4 - Tell People

You have to tell people about the raffle to sell Raffle Tickets! Talk about the event with friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours. When someone says, “What’s new?” tell the person that you’re selling Raffle Tickets.

Talk about your club, what its goals are, and what the money will be used for.

It may be simple to approach friends and family, neighbours and colleagues, however if you want to earn more money, you’ll have to approach strangers. You must be prepared to discuss your fund raising objective and your club with anyone who might contribute.

The main prize in the draw is one that will capture most people’s imagination, so you do not have to just approach Rugby League people. To really increase your sales you need to target people outside of your club.


TIP 5 - The “Fill In Service”

If supporters buy a large amount of tickets, you can fill in their names and contact information on the tickets for them. Make it a number worth your time: say, £10 (two books). You’ll be surprised how many people will buy more tickets to earn this free service!


Social Responsibility

If you suspect that someone at your club has a gambling problem please refrain from selling them raffle tickets in large quantities.

Help and advice is available from several sources, including www.gambleaware.co.uk for organisations seeking advice.

Tickets are not for sale to, or by, anyone under 16 years of age.

Licensed by the Gambling Commission www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk