Club House

What is it?

The function of facilities in a club is responsible for making sure that any buildings or grounds owned or leased by the club meet the needs of the club efficiently, safely and cost effectively and where possible are income generating.

Why is it important?

If a club is to attract children and adults there must be a safe and pleasant environment.  An attractive or useful environment is also a potential income generator for the club.

What does it look like?

Those working in the core activity of Facilities should:

  • Ensure that the club facilities are utilised as effectively as possible to capitalise on space available.
  • Develop a strategy to maximise the effective use of the club’s assets
  • Co-ordinate any refurbishment, renovations or repairs to the facilities.
  • Maintain all indoor areas of the facility to high standards of cleanliness and tidiness
  • Manage the general upkeep of the buildings and grounds
  • Make sure that health and safety and legal requirements are met.
  • Ensure that the pitch (s) is maintained to a standard that is suitable for fixtures and that there is a safe playing area.
  • Prepare for match days by ensuring that all grass cuttings, marks are correct and that the posts are in place and in line with RFL regulations and requirements.
  • Ensure that all plant and equipment is fit for purpose
  • Manage cleaning, waste disposal and recycling.
  • Manage a facilities budget and keep records of expenditure.
  • Ensure that the facilities are prepared for fundraising activities.
  • Negotiate with external suppliers on behalf of the club
  • Liaise with outside agencies as required (Police, Fire Ambulance)
  • Ensure that health and safety and legal requirements are met
  • Maintain records of repair work and activities carried out

What skills are needed?

  • Strong organisational skills
  • Good spoken and written communication
  • Ability to build relationships with a wide variety of people
  • Be able to handle a wide range of tasks at one time
  • Management skills
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Trained to NEBOSH standard if possible

As you grow think about including more activities such as:

  • Managing all refurbishment, renovations and new build to timescales and budgets and that all H&S requirements are taken into consideration (for example; permits to work)
  • Managing a facilities budget and keep records for of expenditure.
  • Carrying out regular inspection of the facilities for risk assessment
  • Supervising the ground maintenance on match days.
  • Managing phone, PA CCTV systems.
  • Negotiating with external suppliers as required and hire any equipment and contractors to work in the stadium (cleaners/catering/maintenance/builders)
  • Ensuring the security of the facilities at all times
  • Organising routine servicing schedules, diagnosing faults and carrying out repairs where qualified to do so.
  • Preparing rooms for meetings and functions
  • Undertaking a safety audit on the ground at least once a year
  • Contracting or hiring Stewards for match days and deliver induction training
  • Control or direct spectators who are entering or leaving the ground, to help achieve an even flow of people in, to and from the viewing areas

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