What is it?

The commercial viability of the club is about the responsibility for developing the commercial potential of the club and facilities.

Why is it important?

For a club to grow it must increase its profit and this is done through maximising retail, ticketing, lottery, marketing and events.

What does it look like?

Those working in the core activity of commercial should:

  • Develop activities in retail, ticketing, lottery, marketing and events for the club.
  • Write a commercial strategy for the club
  • Identify sponsors for the club and manage the relationships with sponsors
  • Develop existing and build new relationships with sponsors of the club.
  • Manage all marketing, advertising, lottery and promotional activities
  • Identify new opportunities for retail activities including where possible shop front and on-line
  • Manage any events held at the club 
  • Create a database of customers of the club
  • Apply for extra funding streams for the club
  • Provide the Website with promotional information

What skills are needed?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organisational abilities
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Excellent commercial judgement 
  • Creative thinking
  • Organisation and planning skills
  • Drive motivation and enthusiasm
  • Ability to “sell” ideas
  • Attention to detail
  • Good business sense and budget awareness

As you grow think about including more activities such as:

  • Creating separate strategies at the club for marketing, retail, lottery and other promotional events such as advertising and functions.
  • Researching and analysing the local and wider market place for commercial opportunities.
  • Building relationships with customers, suppliers, sponsors and colleagues
  • Writing copy for advertisements, newsletters, programmes etc. and working with colleagues to produce advertisements, flyers and brochures for stock
  • Creating an annual planner of promotions and events at the club
  • Identifying opportunities to hold event outside of the club’s facilities (e.g. Road shows) to further promote the club in the wider community
  • Creating and maintaining a database of customers, suppliers and sponsors.
  • Creating and undertaking customer satisfaction surveys.

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