What is it?

The administrative function at the club is responsible for supporting all other functions in the club by documenting and recording actions taken by others.   It also is responsible for maintaining relationships with the governing body and other relevant external organisations and for ensuring that the club complies with the rules that govern the sport. 

What does it look like?

Good record keeping is essential in any organisation and it is important in managing the processes that ensure the club complies with company legislation and regulation.

What does it look like?

Those working in the core activity of Administration should:

  • Maintain all club records, financial records, minutes, competition details, referee reports etc.
  • Deal with, record (for a minimum of 3 years) and distribute all internal and external communications for the club.
  • Prepare agendas, reports and papers for all meetings and minute meetings.
  • Provide a link between all sections of the club, the League, Service Area and RFL.
  • Ensure efficient management of incoming and outgoing post, telephone calls and other communication.
  • Ensure that documentation relevant to club insurance is maintained.
  • Assist in the completion of transfers into the club and authorise transfers on the club’s behalf, in accordance with club and League guidelines.
  • Register players and members of the club and ensure that the fixtures of each team are confirmed and a fixture list is established for each season.
  • Monitor changes in legislation and the regulatory environment and take appropriate action
  • Act in accordance with the club’s core documents and policies at all times, with particular reference to the aims and objectives of the club, as detailed in the club’s Constitution.
  • Collect and record subscriptions fees and pass to Finance.
  • Keep the database of member’s names and address up to date.
  • Issue identification cards.

What skills are needed?

  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good time management and organisational skills
  • Tact and discretion when dealing with confidential information
  • Customer focused approach
  • Assertive interpersonal skills
  • Strong IT skills

As you grow think about including more activities such as:

  • Having a general point of first contact for people visiting the club – developing a reception area
  • Providing a dedicated administrative support for the management team
  • Installing computer systems and software (including desktops, laptops and printers) for the various functions of the club including setting up new users and remote users
  • Using administration staff to purchase and control stock

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