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Patience and perspective needed for Hornets

3rd of July 2014
Patience and perspective needed for Hornets

Hornets Chief Executive Ryan Bradley has called for ‘patience and perspective’ from Hornets fans...

Hornets Chief Executive Ryan Bradley has called for ‘patience and perspective’ from Hornets fans, as the club looks for its first point in 7 outings on their return to Spotland on Sunday.

With the Hornets struggling to follow up on early season promise and adapt to Championship life, Ryan Bradley makes known his stance on dual registration and backs Ian Talbot as the man to take Hornets into the new era.

“It has been a tough few weeks away from home and every one at the club is in a slump at the moment. We did anticipate doing better than we have and yes we are behind where we wanted to be. But for those fans questioning the commitment of Ian Talbot and the partnership with St Helens, I ask them- where would we be without it?

Tol is one of the most respected coaches in the game and we have been lucky to keep hold of him so far. He’s not, however, a miracle worker. If I asked a two builders to build me a three bed house, but gave one half the budget, I couldn’t expect the same quality house! Yet that is what we are asking of Tol. He’s giving it a good shot and working ridiculous hours against his part time salary but is being let down by a squad that was built with limited resource.

We rely on that quality from Saints to help us out and so far it just hasn’t clicked. It’s not through lack of effort or commitment - Gary Wheeler suffered a suspected broken wrist in the first tackle on Sunday and was kicking lumps out of the changing room when he had to come off at half time. Ant Walker has topped the tackle count in most games he has played and we have had James Tilley and others regularly throughout the season, but it just hasn’t clicked.

I have every faith Tol is the right man for the job going forward and we are in discussions regarding a new deal to keep him at the club. It is up to the clubs board and membership to match his ambition and build a club and squad that can compete at Championship level, as he doesn’t want to be involved with a team that doesn’t have middle twelve ambitions, neither do St Helens, neither do I and neither does the board.

We have been in this slump before - last year we lost to Hemel and everyone said Tol wasn’t up to it, everyone said dual registration didn’t work. Tol came out and faced the supporters and, once all united, took the club where he had promised. We won promotion last year within a tight budget and yes we have struggled this year but to say blame lies with the very system and coach that got us to where we are seems a bit fickle. I think our situation is down to the fact we are spending half as much as the teams around us. That needs to change and with the new executive, led by a passionate supporters led board, one of the most respected coaches in the game and a united group of members we will become a flagship team in the middle twelve”.

Hornets have ten remaining fixtures, six of which are at Spotland and will look to revive their survival fight with a good performance against the team that has topped the tree for the last three seasons- Featherstone Rovers, this coming Sunday.

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