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Wolves and Rabbitohs Reunion Down Under

14th of January 2014
Wolves and Rabbitohs Reunion Down Under

Warrington Wolves visited South Sydney Rabbitohs on Friday for a training session with the NRL side...

Warrington Wolves visited South Sydney Rabbitohs on Friday for a training session with the NRL side.

This was the first of several joint training sessions arranged as part of the team’s pre-season camp over in Australia with a visit to the Roosters and Sydney Swans, amongst others, also scheduled in.

The teams did a combined warm up, fitness drills and a couple of 13-aside opposed games in 20-minute blocks.

This session saw new Wolves’ signing Roy Asotasi return to his old stomping ground. And as it was his first full training session with his new side it was made all the more interesting.

Roy said on the session: “It was good. I probably wasn’t really looking forward to coming to Redfern for my first training session (with Warrington) but it’s always great to be here and enjoy the training with the new squad and mix with the old squad, so I had a good time.

“It felt weird walking in and having to turn left inside the tunnel. I was waiting for my protein shake - which wasn’t there - and I realised I was with Warrington.
“It was good to see some old faces and I enjoyed the training session; you’ve got to enjoy these moments especially with the sun; you don’t get much of that in the UK!”

The training session also served up another reunion as former Wolves’ fans favourite Matt King was on hand to welcome his old team-mates to his new home at the Rabbitohs.

“I haven’t seen the boys (Warrington) now for two years since we played them here at Redfern. It was really great to see them, I had a great time over there (England) – it was a bit of a family affair.”

And on the joint training session.

“I was out in the middle of the field and they were running past me; I was supposed to be helping the Souths but I was giving a few tips to the Warrington boys too. It was awesome to get my two favourite clubs together and watch the boys go head to head.

“The pre-season is really nice but you don’t have anyone in front of you, so it’s nice to put 13 professional athletes from the other side of the world up against the boys. Both teams played really well.”

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