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Wheelchair World Cup squads announced

20th of June 2013
Wheelchair World Cup squads announced

All six nations competing in the 2013 Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup have named their squads ahead of the tournament...


All six nations competing in the 2013 Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup have named their squads ahead of the tournament which kicks-off at Medway, Kent, on Wednesday July 3.

The competition features Australia, England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and will be held exclusively at Medway Park, Kent, with the Wheelchair World Cup final played on Saturday July 13.

Each nation will play three fixtures during the group stages, one match against each of the two nations in their group with one cross-group game; the top-placed team in each group will progress to the final when hosts England will be hoping to retain the trophy they won during the inaugural Wheelchair World Cup in 2008.

Wheelchair World Cup squads:

Australia Wheelchair: Daniel Begman, Colin Smith, Fabian Castillo, Rhys Baxter, Rich Engles, Tano Bagnato, Craig Cannane, Diab Karim, Yarra Ryan, Jason Voncina, Brad Grove, Jason Attard.

England Wheelchair: Jack Brown, Ian Kenny, Adam Rigby, Jack Heggie, Chris Greenhalgh, Joe Coyd, Martin Norris, Mike Stevenson, Gina Smallwood, Andy Wharton, Phil Roberts.

France Wheelchair: Lionel Alazard, Gilles Clausells, Nicolas Clausells, Dany Denuwelaere, Jean-Yves Ducos, Mickaël Gaune, Nicolas Massat, Manuel Morais, Fabien Plaza, Cyril Torres

Ireland Wheelchair: Vicky Irwin, Rachael Irwin, Tom Byrnes, Josh Gardner, Damian McCabe, John Maguire, Nathan Clarke, Jode Boyd -Ward

Scotland Wheelchair: Elizabeth Ferris, Adam Mould, Thomas Pincock, Sean Frame, Graeme Stewart, Tom Sheridan, Chris Calderwood, Kieron Mullen, John Cairns, Joey Probst

Wales Wheelchair: Paul Craig, Alan Caron, Joshua Dunn, Jonathan Dunn, George Hill, Chris Dennett, Martin Lane, Michael Knight, Michael Porter, Scott Turner.

Pool A: Australia, Scotland, France

Pool B: England, Ireland, Wales

Tickets to the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup Pool games cost from just £4 adult and £1 children. Tickets for the Wheelchair World Cup Final cost from £10 adult and £3 children and are available by calling 01634 338338 or by visiting

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