#Asktheref 3rd June

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Ben Thaler - London Broncos v Castleford Tigers

Ben Thaler

RT @TYLER316 How did Ben Thaler fail to spot London offside on nearly every tackle on Saturday?

. @TYLER316 Thanks for the observation Tyler, on reviewing this game the 10m from BOTH sides wasn’t an issue. BT

RT @Brock67Kevin every week we see different refs giving/not giving penalties 4 the same offences. Do the refs train together?

. @Brock67Kevin We do. Simple answer is each game is different. No 2games are the same & a ref referee’s what is in front of them. BT

RT @bsr1941 Does the voluntary tackle rule still apply? If not, when was it abandoned?

. @bsr1941 Still applies. Enforced when a player deliberately dives to the floor, doesn’t regain feet & plays ball prior to being tackled.BT

RT @ODonnellBen what constitutes offside at ptb? Defenders are offside every ptb! What is the reason some are given most ignored?  

.@ODonnellBen When player moves off the line prior to the ball passing the foot of man playing the ball. After this players can move up.

.@ODonnellBen Offside players who get involved in play are penalised.Players on wing when ball goes other way aren’t seen as interfering.BT

RT @MartynDRoyce  what call would be given if the ball struck the camera suspended over the pitch which was in use at Magic Weekend?

. @MartynDRoyce  Scrum as the game is irregularly effected and head and feed would go to the last team in possession. BT

Richard Silverwood - Huddersfield Giants v St Helens

Rich Silverwood

RT @charliehkr If the Huddersfield game wasn't on sky, would the ref have given that try? When gardener hit ?

. @charliehkr I had some concern but wasn’t convinced so would have probably had to guess and think contact with head . RS


RT @craigburn27 why was Danny Brough not penalised for kicking out on 74 mins v Saints #asktheref

. @craigburn27 He motions his leg but doesn’t hardly catch anyone so play on. RS


RT @crawly41 why was giants try in last minute of first half disallowed? Looked like Saints player was going down before contact #AskTheRef

. @crawly41 Whether going down or not defenders can’t make contact with the head. RS


RT @AndrewR_152 can you explain the difference between stealing and stopping a try: I.e the Wellens strip call. Responsibility of ball carrier?

. @AndrewR_152 You can get underneath to prevent grounding but you can’t pull on the ball like Wellens does. RS


RT @Shevysharks why in the game last night after the tackle on Gardner you appear to say he was falling into the contact yet still put it on report?

. @Shevysharks  I state he looked like he was falling into tackle but i only got one look at it so best option is to put on report. RS


RT @hebblethwaitea Is it not distracting wearing the ref cam? #asktheref

. @hebblethwaitea  The head wear is fine, you don’t know your wearing it to be honest but the back pack you wear with it is a bit uncomfy. RS

Ian Smith - Championship Questions

Ian Smith

RT @MartL1 #Asktheref any chance to get the questions answered from the Shef v Halifax game last week please?

. @MartL1 Disallowed Halifax try is not shown on the dvd if onside or not, the sheff try Yere is onside and the try is correctly awarded. IS


RT @rhij7xx Ian Smith - In Crusaders v All Golds there was a tripping incident...should this have been an auto send off? #AskTheRef

. @rhij7xx Tripping is not an auto send off any more, if the ref feels its deliberate and dangerous then it can still be a send off. IS


RT @AbdabMcTavish so whats the view on the knock on that thomason missed just before keighleys 1st try on thursday night?

. @AbdabMcTavish  It was a knock on, the ref thought it had gone backwards and didn’t get any TJ input so played on. IS


RT @smudger5562  Is it possible to get a copy of the laws of the game sent out as I'm a referee

. @smudger5562  Your local refs society should have some copies. IS


RT @sarah_lilliee don't you think every game should have a screen and video ref to make it fair?

.@sarah_lilliee Huge cost to providing a screen & the 11 cameras that are used at SKY games. It would be fairer but cost is a factor. IS

Robert Hicks - Hull KR v Bradford Bulls

Rob Hicks

RT @PhilWilkinson18 A kick through came of a Bradford player went into touch but they got the scrum, was it deemed to be not played at?

. @PhilWilkinson18 Yes – Dobson kicked the ball at the Bulls man who was only 2m from ball and did not play at it. RH

RT @macca_drew was Hicks right to wave play on from Hodgson tackle from behind when Bradford player lost possession? #asktheref

. @macca_drew  Yes – Hodgson stole the ball 1 on1 and was re-gathered by Bradford. RH

RT @joshharper96 why do most referees have different interpretations of these rules?

. @joshharper96 I don’t think refs do. The rules are not black and white, they need interpreting like any law…...

. @joshharper96 we have a policy agreed by refs and SL coaches and we judge every decision based on its merit. RH


RT @deanelliott69 do refs gamble at all on sports?

. @deanelliott69 Yes but we cannot bet on RL. I love a day at the races and many of us enjoy a dabble. RH

RT @13rovers did Robert Hicks get his refereeing certificate from the back of a cornflakes box? #asktheref

. @13rovers My first step was 16 years ago at junior level – by all means have a go I’m sure you’ll be in SL in no time….. RH

RT @robins105_1980 ball is stolen in tackle, ball doesnt hit floor. The player that stole the ball knocks on and wins a scrum. Right?

. @robins105_1980 Decision correct,1 on 1 steal back by Bradford, Burns tries to gather but loses into Sammut therefore knock on by HKR. RH

Thierry Alibert - Wakefield Wildcats v Wigan Warriors

Thierry Alibert

RT @wildcatjd Why did Mcllorum not get at least a sin-bin for throwing a punch in first half v Wakefield

. @wildcatjd Just because the punch was soft and didn’t deserve a sin bin. Not serious enough. TA

Tim Roby

Tim Roby

RT @Utdwire #asktheref How could Tim Roby be sure to give Salford their second try.Right in front of us and Gaskell never grounded ball

. @Utdwire Gaskell looks to have grounded it on video & even if not, he loses ball backwards & Broughton grounds it-so try in any case. TR

RT @yoyoitscam1 the NRL has two refs on the field, why don't we??

. @yoyoitscam1  Lots of factors to consider, e.g. finance, personnel, whether there's any need to change current system. TR


RT @cathryn2808 do you ever watch the games back & think how did I miss a team being off side alot or how did so many forward passes?

. @cathryn2808 We miss the odd thing but generally our structures ensure that most stuff gets picked up. TR

RT @ForgotToDuck #AskTheRef why are they called stairs inside but steps outside?

. @ForgotToDuck No idea, but it's probably our fault too. TR

James Child - Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos

James Child

RT @Ben_J94 at the Leeds v Hull game there was a blatant knock on by a Hull player out of the line of his defence but it wasn't given?

. @Ben_J94 It was a mistake. My view was obscured as was the view of the touch judges. JC


RT @Macca_Leeds Quick one. Difference between McGuire's disallowed try last week and Hull's first last night please?

. @Macca_Leeds There is no obstruction–each option runner goes through defensive line & the ball carrier passes the ball behind each option…

.@Macca_Leeds (rather than running the ball in hand behind the option) In McGuire’s disallowed try the option runner is ahead of the ball ..

. @Macca_Leeds (not in a position to receive a pass) and stays in the defensive line, so when the ball carrier runs behind the option..

. @Macca_Leeds Hansen is denied an opportunity to tackle. JC


RT @DannyWakefield3 why did james child not put leeds on a team warning? There were that many supposed 'penalties' they surely deserved one?

. @DannyWakefield3 I spoke to Sinfield on 51min to get improvement, another interference pen after would have seen team warning issued. JC

RT @dannyrhino what about the heremia tackle isn't that illegal cannon ball tackle James child

. @dannyrhino Not a cannon ball as he hits high up the leg & slides down & causes Singleton’s knee to bend in the normal direction. JC

RT @bartz29 I thought James Child had one the best performances I've seen from a referee in a very long time

. @bartz29 I’m not used to praise on twitter, but I’ll take it. Thank you. JC

Phil Bentham - Widnes Vikings v Catalan Dragons

Phil Bentham

RT @Con_Drummond how is possible to have a game with 0 forward passes? PB never blew for one forward pass for either side

. @Con_Drummond  Great skill by both teams for 80 minutes! Actually a couple of close calls but we ruled them ok. PB


RT @DLM_Viking Thought Phil Bentham had an excellent game Widnes v Catalan and for me is the best ref in SL.

. @DLM_Viking  Erm, erm I don't deal with praise but thanks dad for tweeting! PB


RT @SaintKie why do refs not give their verdict on if it is a try or no try when consulting the video ref like in @NRL? 

. @SaintKie  (1/2) Current policy is video ref has the angles & footage to make the decision without the need for the refs opinion.

. @SaintKie (2/2) We are constantly looking at this process to improve it. PB


RT @dantimp why do refs stand more than 10m back and let the defence stand upfront of them? Technically offside?

. @dantimp  The ref should stand 10m from the ruck - All defending players should be level with or behind the front foot of the referee. PB


RT @WKarle what testing do you have to go through on a year to year basis?

.@WKarle We’re assessed 3x/season on lactate threshold & VO2 max.Also do yo-yo test (variation of bleep test) level 17 is min requirement PB