#Asktheref 6th May

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James Child - Wigan Warriors v Salford City Reds

James Child

@Andy_TheGrouch @RFLReferees how was the shoulder charge on Matty Smith missed? #Asktherefs

. @Andy_TheGrouch Incident wasn’t missed. Advantage played & try given. TJ reported, not sure point of contact so On Report JC

@adamjk0286 Salford player went for intercept, knocked ball into the air, went to catch it but dragged back by Wigan player. Why no penalty?

. @adamjk0286 A penalty should have been awarded, I got this wrong. JC

@SamBennett89 @RFLReferees James child. Do you know the rules?

. @SamBennett89 RL has laws not rules, so I don’t know the rules but I do know the laws!  JC

@emmarshy are there any female refs coming through the ranks or would you like to see some in the future? #Asktherefs

. @emmarshy There are female refs but not many. There are currently 2 Graded female TJs. It would be good to have more JC

@BD_Angry @RFLReferees Thick skin aside, what qualities do top refs need? #asktherefs

. @BD_Angry Besides the usual I’d say an ability to manage the game & a desire to learn. JC

Ben Thaler - Huddersfield Giants v Warrington Wolves

Ben Thaler

@wires67 was there a forward pass / knock-on preceding Brett Hodgson's penalised shoulder-charge? Looked five yards forward to me

. @wires67  There wasn’t a forward pass, when the ball was passed out to the wing it hit a Huddersfield Player on the head accidentally and then flow forward.

@_TomLee_what did Danny Brough get sin binned for? #AskTheRef

. @_TomLee  Danny had already had numerous words with the Touch Judge Robert Hicks and on this occasion went a step too far using foul abusive language which is unacceptable!

@giantnathaniel Why did Ben Thaler let Warrington keep moving off the mark to play the ball?

. @giantnathaniel Players within the game at present feel contact when they have been tackled and dive forward, should a player stand up and move 4 yards forward the Referee would then penalise, in general we adopt a rule of allowing the game to continue as long as there is no real disadvantage to the defence.

@CGMason_11 The Warrington yellow Jersey Coach was on the pitch on many occasions. What are the rules on this and how is it monitored?

. ‏@CGMason_11  During the game it is the role of the interchange officials and Match Commissionaire to monitor what the support staff are doing, there are guidelines for when water carriers, physios and trainers are allowed to enter the field of play. The trainer is allowed on for 3 tackles as long as he speaks to a player who they intend to change or check to see if they are ok.

@Chris_Lane1989 Does Ben Thaler use the sun beds? If so, any tips on which sun cream to use for that ultimate tan ;)

. @Chris_Lane1989  Ha ha, like this one. I actually don’t anymore, I used to do when I was younger and more vain, but having had a scare I simply enjoy the sun whenever we get it, in saying all that my brother Adam does own the Suntan Shop in Outwood!

Phil Bentham - Wakefield v Catalan Dragons

Phil Bentham

@wakeynumberone in the wildcats v catalans game catalans were continually penalised within a ten minuite period, yet werent warned?

. @wakeynumberone I spoke to the captain & asked for an improvement before considering warning. This worked as the infringements stopped. PB

@Sparky3327 Why did PB change his mind after the tackle on Ian Henderson to award a pen in Wake v Cats match?

. @Sparky3327 I had input frawhile if the other officials who informed me he had seen contact with head

@willl_power @RFLReferees why was the Catalan player not sent to the sin bin for repeating offences? #asktheref

. @willl_power I spoke to the player and captain and this worked as the player didn't concede another penalty. PB

@dantimp @RFLReferees how are refs selected for games to ensure a fair distribution?

. @dantimp A panel of match official managers select officials. They select who they think is right for each game usually based on form. PB

@JackSuth17 Can a try be scored if the ball is grounded at the base of the postpad or does that rule only apply in the other code?

. @JackSuth17 No a try can’t be scored at the base of the post pad, the ball must be on or over the try line 

Richard Silverwood - Leeds Rhinos v Bradford Bulls

Rich Silverwood

RT @huddsjunior why did Mr Silverwood not award 8 point try. Anywhere else on pitch would have been a penalty even warned Leeds player

. @huddsjunior Can only be 8pt in act of scoring. Rules say Act of Scoring is the time you ground the ball to your hand coming off ball. RS

@Smurf__3 the reason behind Bulls not been given a penalty try last night after silverwood said it was a high tackle?

. ‏@Smurf__3  Penalty try is where a try would have been scored but for foul play. The try was scored so penalty try is not applicable. RS

@Alikellett Why wasn't Ryan Bailey sent off, or at least put on report for a swinging attack to the head? #askthereferee

. @Alikellett Bailey hits Kearney’s shoulder then rides up into the head. Penalty was all that was needed i felt. RS

@CailCookland In the leeds vs bradford game why was leeds not penalised for not clearing the ruck when it hit jamie jones buchanans heel?

. @CailCookland Rules state ball carrier has to give some time for defenders to clear ruck. JJB is clearing ruck & Lulia puts ball onto him so he is at fault. RS

@callum11  I have one question as well for @RFLReferees I thought when players dragged when tackling it was held! Leeds seem to drag a lot!

. @callum11  Held was called every time there was a drag. RS

@TomTribick when Danny McGuire stood up and appeared to punch L'Estrange in the head, shouldnt it be a card like Poore for Wakey?

. @TomTribick Felt McGuire did lash out but doesn’t really catch L’Estrange enough to warrant any more than a penalty & warning. RS

Robert Hicks - St Helens v Widnes

Rob Hicks

@AndrewR_152 why was Jordan Turner pulled back on a 20m tap when he ran the ball back himself? Thought that was the new rule?

. @AndrewR_152 Turner tapped the ball before the line and not on mark. To take quick he must tap on the cross in the centre of 20m line. RH

@winning_20 @RFLReferees can I ask about specific decisions? ie Greenwood disallowed try?

. @winning_20 Disallowed for obstruction. Wellens runs behind Thompson in defensive line before passing causing confusion to Winterstein. RH

@VikingSteph high tackle on paddy Flynn stopping him scoring, should that have been a sin binning and not just a pen?

. @VikingSteph Possibly,but in order for this to be the case then it would have to be deemed deliberate & I believed it was more careless. RH

@TommyFroddy for Mr Hicks, how come you overruled the touch judges when he ran though to the dead ball line?

.@TommyFroddy I didn’t,I went to him to buy time to think through the play before making my decision.TJ didn’t have a view on obstruction. RH

@carl_abriscoe @RFLReferees Did you ever play rugby league before starting to referee?

. @carl_abriscoe I played junior and at school but not for long as I started to referee at 14. 

Tim Roby - Castleford Tigers v Hull KR

Tim Roby

@MascotRob  what was the ruling which denied Castleford try but awarded a goal line drop out? Left everyone pretty confused!

. @MascotRob Two knock ons - Burns then Clark, before someone else grounds it. First knock on by HKR and in-goal so a drop-out. TR

@PhilWilkinson18 Jordan tansey has his foot on the side line the ball hits, yet this wasnt a scrum?

. @PhilWilkinson18 Ball touches him 1st in-field. Then his feet are back in the field of play before he touches it again. TJ got it right.TR

@AshleyStevens94 @RFLReferees How come Hull KR didn't get a team warning after numerous high tackles?

. @AshleyStevens94 Almost did. Most of the high tackles were clumsy.  One more and I felt a warning would be appropriate. TR

@KingstonRover @TheRFL CAN you ask Mr Roby. Was the first Cas try today forward?

. @KingstonRover No. Hope this helps. TR

@Jahmez_HKR Why are some of you ( JC,TR,RH) also touch judges but others (PB,RS,TA,BT) just referee? #AskTheRef

. @Jahmez_HKR Officials have been encouraged to try both reffing and TJ'ing since I started, whereas the roles used to be separated. TR