#Asktheref 29th April

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James Child

James Child

RT @Turner3010 Can Mr James Child please give explanation as to Luke Robinson’s sending off. Seems strange to go back to incident?

. @Turner3010 As player injured, during time off vid ref said contact direct to head, based on report Robinson was sent off. JC

RT @airliesbird After much consideration, my first question is this... Would you consider a Jaffa Cake to be a biscuit or a cake?

. @airliesbird 00% cake.  A VAT tribunal in 1991 apparently determined it was a cake. Great matchday energy food too! JC

RT @RobWeb479 @RFLReferees what rule changes would you bring in to improve the game.

. @RobWeb479 Not really a rule change but have a single set of laws for RL across the world. JC

RT @bullssupporters how come when team is on last tackle & the kick and the other team get it why do the refs do the signal for back to 0?

. @bullssupporters We don’t – zero signal is only given when other team pick up from an infringement (or to restart clock) JC

RT @pjhailes @RFLReferees can any player contest a refs judgement or is it just the captain that should approach yourselves?

. @pjhailes Any player can speak to ref providing it’s in an appropriate manner, usually it’s the captain though. JC

RT @lozzzknight @RFLReferees #asktherefs are touch judges able to ever overrule the referee?

. @lozzzknight TJs are sole judge on touch, touch in goal & conversions – they can only advise ref on other decisions. JC

RT @JaseBell87 @RFLReferees how much investment do the RFL put into the development of amateur officials? #verypoor #NCL #AskTheRef

. @JaseBell87 Devt of amateur refs is under review post Sport England funding but RFL invest time & money via various ways. JC

Ben Thaler

Ben Thaler

RT @J_mason97 @RFLReferees #asktheref why didn't the free play rule apply to Widnes when Sykes knocked the ball on?!!!

. @J_mason97 Rule should have applied & would have if an Official had noticed Sykes knock on; sadly we didn’t. BT

RT @ben_dixon13  #asktheref does the dummy half have to pick the ball up from the play the ball or can he kick it straight off the floor?

. @ben_dixon13 He can kick ball without picking up off the floor. If ball hits man who has just played the ball, then he’s deemed offside. BT

RT @sdmarshall1 Player who plays the ball cannot interfere with defensive players by either grabbing or walking forward into them, correct?

. @sdmarshall1 Correct. The man who has played the ball should not interfere in anyway with the markers i.e. BT

RT @crgulliver @RFLReferees what determines when a team warning ends? Good discipline, referees discretion, set time period etc.

. @crgulliver There is no set time, when a Ref places a team on a warning he does so in the hope that he sees an improvement in discipline.BT

RT @greavsie76 @RFLReferees if a player fly kicks the ball off the floor and goes over the posts,does that count as a drop goal

. @greavsie76 No the ball must be kicked immediately on re-bounding of floor. Doesn’t matter if ball is purposely dropped or accidentally. BT

RT @minichuch @RFLReferees what is the review process for refs in terms of performance and what training and appraisal are given #asktheref

. @minichuch  ref reviews his own game, then sits 1 on 1 with a coach & review in depth. Also have Group review look at contentious calls.BT

RT @a_to_the_m_o Do refs go before a panel if deemed inconsistent/to have made too many errors? Like players who get put on report?

. @a_to_the_m_o (1/2) Referees are answerable to the Management team & the RFL, On review of each of their games they are subject

. @a_to_the_m_o (2/2) to a standard level of performance which is managed and assessed by the Management on a weekly basis. BT

Rob Hicks

Rob Hicks

RT @YRSuperleague Another one for @RFLReferees as Hicks rules out a Hull KR try for Greg Eden, maybe obstruction? Unsure what that was for.

. @YRSuperleague Yes. The Leeds defender was blocked by Lovegrove and Eden used the gap to run through – clear obstruction. RH

RT @ScottHKR27 Question for Mr Hicks. Can you explain your overall performance in the HKR/Leeds game?

. @ScottHKR27 Following review yesterday, a satisfactory performance with little controversy but as always areas to improve. RH

RT @MikePreston92 Having ex-players as video referees in the NRL is brilliant, have the @RFLReferees thought of doing this? #Asktherefs

. @MikePreston92 Not as yet but I am sure if it was seen to improve the game it will be considered. RH

RT @johnhols when an attacker gets up from a tackle how many steps can he move forward

. @johnhols He should stand where the tackle is complete but a couple of steps is expected. RH

RT @spoonie1002 at play the ball when can defence start to move. Is it when ball touches the floor or when ball is rolled back?

. @spoonie1002 When the ball is played with the foot. RH

RT @mickigg would adopting NRL system of ref giving his opinion of try or no try when referring to video ref be an improvement?

. @mickigg Not sure that it can lead the VR to try and prove the referee right rather than look at what has happened and rule. RH

Thierry Alibert

Thierry Alibert

RT @Joseph_Burnsss can you explain the ruling why tansey wasn't sent off/sin binned for high tackle against salford on Saturday?

. @Joseph_Burnsss Grade A charge proves tackle wasn’t as bad as looked. Wasn’t sure if direct contact so report & penalty best outcome. TA

RT @hickster1972 @RFLReferees #asktheref why were cas allowed to take their dropout when not all their players were behind the line

. @hickster1972 I missed both players coming back on side…My mistake - TA

RT @sidneykidney4 in salford/castleford game why didnt cas get pen for interference withplay the ball on 78 mins on salford line?

. @sidneykidney4 Agree in hindsight it should have been a penalty to Castleford but also Kirk Dixon does push forward too - TA

RT @Warriors18th @RFLReferees Why are players not being punished for "gobbing off to Refs"? #didnthappeninmyday

. @Warriors18th They are dealt with….either word on run…penalty or further action - TA

RT @danielpeers what is the rule when a player catches the ball from kick off with one foot in touch and the other in play? #AskTheRef

. @danielpeers Penalty on half way…Ball out on the full -TA

RT @ChrisHawkins13 what sort of fitness tests do match officials undertake & what are minimum standards required to be up to speed of games?

. @ChrisHawkins13 We do various tests from VO2 Max testing to bleep tests to YOYO tests - TA

RT @slhenge as an avid fan of rl it annoys me when I see a flop on an already tackled player. Is the flop rule still in existence

. @slhenge Yes it is - TA

Phil Bentham

Phil Bentham

RT @MikeyWire  #Asktherefs Bentham disallowed a Bulls try today for a knock on. Then put a scrum down and gave Bulls head and feed? Baffled me

. @MikeyWire  Knock on by Warrington first as 2 players jumped for the ball then a knock on by Brad as he attempted to ground the ball. PB

RT @BigLoserMark @RFLReferees will you be tweeting jokes during games?

. @BigLoserMark Sounds a good initiative, perhaps the video ref could tweet some jokes in between making decisions! PB

RT @RLViews @RFLReferees when a player is put on report - why not give him a sin bin so that the offended team get an advantage? #AskTheRef

. @RLViews "on report" is used because we are unsure of the severity of the foul so we don't bin a player when there is uncertainty. PB

RT @andyock @RFLReferees If the ball is lost in a tackle and the officials don't know how the ball was lost what is the default decision?

. @andyock No default decision. We look at indicators such as 'is the ball lost on impact" or if "pulling" action by the defender. PB

RT @aps6000 In a tackle after the ref calls held how long does the tackler have to move away? Seems a long time in some games & slows game

. @aps6000 No set time. Look at who wins collision to time move call. Expect players to move out on the call. No's in tackle also factor. PB

RT @PriceyRadio If a video ref makes a decision but for some reason the actual referee feels that it's incorrect, can he overturn him?

. @PriceyRadio No, once it's handed to the video ref they make the decision. PB

RT @Beebydave @RFLReferees What is the exact role of the in goal official? Seem to be a waste of time.

. @Beebydave IGJ are there to make decisions on dead ball & tries particularly when ref unsighted. They then signal decision to ref. PB

Tim Roby

Tim Roby

RT @Adamcarrick123 @RFLReferees how can you people sleep at night

.@Adamcarrick123 Very well, thanks. TR

RT @MickAmos9 @RFLReferees Which rule do you dislike the most and what rule change  in your opinion would you add to the game of RL?

.@MickAmos9 Ball steals are some of the hardest;rule changes prob on how we restart play if ball hits us or play is irregularly affected. TR

RT @Laura_L90 @RFLReferees Are there plans to step up any Championship refs to SL in the next couple of weeks to see if theyre any better?

.@Laura_L90 Our appointments are always subject to performance. George Stokers isn’t bad.TR

RT @fevvince @RFLReferees Can you kick a 40/20 directly from a 20m restart without tapping first?

.@fevvince kick taken directly from a 20m restart which bounces in-field & goes into touch will result in a scrum fed by kicking team. TR

RT @lukey_mawson @RFLReferees Who watches the defensive line for Offsides? There are so many offsides that go un-noticed in all matches.

. @lukey_mawson Touch judges, who can then communicate them to the referee.TR

RT @Warriors18th @RFLReferees Why are players not being punished for "gobbing off to Refs"? #didnthappeninmyday

. @Warriors18th I think we generally do take action where players step over the mark.TR

RT @hullfc1997 @RFLReferees if a referee decides to go to video ref why can't the video ref disallow the try for a forward pass

. @hullfc1997 A pass can look very different from one replay/angle to the next so they’re not conclusive. TR

Richard Silverwood

Rich Silverwood

RT @KCCLARKY have you had chance to review the forward passes (plural) from Friday's game between Hull FC v Wigan Warriors?

. @KCCLARKY Yes..First Wigan try was forward from Tomkins and also Hull’s 3rd try there is forward pass from Horne in build up - RS

RT @Bradders_1598 can Silverwood explain his views on Wigan try's on Friday please? Seemed quite controversial from the stands.

. @Bradders_1598 Pass is slightly forward from Tomkins to Thornley - RS

RT @SpringerSaint what do the refs think of the colour choices for their kits ;)

. @SpringerSaint Kit designs aren’t best but me & P.Bentham are in charge of next years so hopefully we have come up with some nice ones- RS

RT @JamieIsaacs #asktherefs is a shoulder charge just a penalty, or an automatic sin-bin/red card for persistent offenders?

. @JamieIsaacs Just a penalty unless you deem there is contact with head then its red - RS

RT @TomTribick is there a chance we cud see vid refs informing ref in regard to missed things Eg where contact was made

. @TomTribick Video refs do help on foul play already - RS

RT @fylo590 Do you think it would improve our game have 2 Refs on the pitch like NRL? Also what's the retirement age for a TJ?

. @fylo590 I think 2 refs would be a help to us as would vid ref at all games. No set age for touch judges. So long as they pass fitness -RS

RT @gibs25WRL new 20m tap rule, if team pass the ball do we have to wait till ref is ready or defensive players are back on 30?

. @gibs25WRL Ref has to be on 30m and defensive players back but if defensive players taking a while to come back then just start play - RS

RT @tom_hkr are refs subject to any kind of performance review at any point in the season?

. @tom_hkr  We have performance review every Monday following our game at the weekend - RS

RT @markpower105 Incidents during a game that are not penalised however cited. How do you review a game and pick out incidents?  #AsktheRef

. @markpower105  Match review panel look at every game & any incident they feel is worth punishing they deal with it by charging player - RS