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Ian Smith

Ian Smith

@MartL1 can a penalty still be awarded for a deliberate knock on? Just referencing the last play of the Dews vs Halifax game #Asktheref

In rugby union an action like the one last thurs at Dewsbury would be classed as a penalty, however we don’t penalise it, in the incident you are referring to the Dewsbury player wanted to prevent the Halifax player catching the ball and ‘batted’ if into touch to kill the game, this type of incident is judged to bea knock on and not a penalty.

@martynbulls what are you doing to improve under-performing refs?

As a group of part time officials they are working very hard to improve performances, they get a copy of their match dvd after the game and review incidents to look at ways to improve decision making. I look at lots of footage from championship/championship 1 matches and give them advise on positional play, indicators as to whats a penalty or not and how to interact with players etc. 

@chrissyg1996 Whats happened to the this referee cam? Only seen it used once #AskTheRef

Premier sport where trialling it to see if the view the referee has during the match would add to the overall presentation of the game by the broadcaster, e.g. looking at the ref’s view for tries etc. etc. there will be a consultation as to balancing up the cost and what footage they get from it to decide if its to be used again. For me as a ref’s coach it is a very useful to see the game from the ref’s ‘eye’ and talk through his positional play etc.

@MartL1 Dews v Halifax last min Dews kick through ball hits Fax player, Dews player picks up appears to be offside at kick and within 10?

The referee and touch judge on the game felt the Dewsbury player who picked the ball up was level with the kicker so therefore play on, I have looked at it in freeze frame and its very close as to if he’s level or slightly infront.

@tweam_bgoulding can you explain why brad Watkinson try for Dewsbury on Thursday nights televised game was not given  #AskTheRef

The Dewsbury players right foot was on the dead ball line when he jumped to catch the ball to ground it ingoal, so therefore he was outside the field of play. For it to be a try he had to put one foot back into the ingoal area before grabbing hold of the ball to score. Similar to what Briscoe did on Friday night when he brought the ball out of his own ingoal area.

Richard Silverwood - Warrington Wolves v Hull FC

Rich Silverwood

@jackalg2 Gareth Ellis off ball shoulder charge on warrington is video evidence used or does the Ref have to see the incident at the time?

A shoulder charge is just a penalty unless contact with head so if no contact with head then Match review panel don't do anything with it

@Chunksoulbro can you explain the decision to chalk off the Lineham try for Hull? A push? This is a contact sport not netball! #asktheref

Video Referee deemed the push enough to prevent Atkins from contesting the loose ball

@dock2410 please can you clear up the rule about the kick off from Hull my interpretation was that wire player took out on the full?

Warrington player is straddling the dead ball line so the ball is deemed to have gone out on the full as he is out of play

@VikkiReeve 13th min in hullVwar game: play of ball obstructed by war player giving them time to charge ball down. Fair? Not obstruction?

Paul Wood cant just disappear and Houghton pushes Wood over the ball playing for a penalty so play on correct

@ianbrad78 why did Mr Silverwood put the whistle to his lips and then not blow for a pen on the 76th min?

I thought Briscoe was just tangled with Currie and then i wasn't sure if Currie played the ball correctly as he fell over so was going to blow but touch judge said OK so i then played on

@MikeyWire Silverwood did not give a penalty for holding down and a 2nd effort against Briscoe at a crucial time! Why?

I thought Briscoe had his legs tangled with Currie. When i watched back Briscoe does squeeze his legs together which live is not easy to see

James Child - Hull KR v Wakefield Wildcats

James Child

@BigJonMeal why was Mellars not sin binned for the high shot on Salter? He saved a try and got away with giving away a penalty #AskTheRef

IMO the tackle was not a professional foul (i.e. one which prevented a try) so sin bin not an option for a one-off high tackle, penalty sufficient JC

@ODonnellBen #asktheref why was Burns/Salter an obstruction yet you let the Wakefield try stand for the same offence? Question for JC

There was no obstruction any of Wakefield’s tries. Salter got ahead of Burns & prevented a defender from making tackle on Burns so correctly a penalty. JC

@gibs25WRL I'm liking the @RFLReferees twitter account but it seems that a lot of 'rules' are at the discretion of the ref?

As with any law there is an element of interpretation so as a group we discuss incidents to try to ensure we all interpret them the same way. JC

@ForzaJohnson are touch judges allowed to give offside decisions? If so how is this communicated with the ref

TJs regularly advise the ref via comms system if players are offside, the ref then decides what action to take. JC

Phil Bentham - Catalan Dragons v Castleford Tigers

Phil Bentham

@PeteWRLFC_BWFC is Phil Bentham ok?

A bit tired after a weekend in Catalan, an early start in Leeds and an afternoon in the gym but yeah perfectly fine, thanks for asking

@deanelliott69 why are refs full time? What do you do to warrant a full time job?

We work 3 days in the week training and reviewing matches as a group. We all work once or twice at weekend and analyse those games the day after, either Saturday or Sunday

@samwires IMHO the ptb is a bloody mess. is it a concern with the powers that be? #asktheref

An area we constantly review. Clearly each team is looking to be effective in controlling this area and our role is to identify whether each ruck is within our guidelines and take action where necessary. 

@tonytownend #AskTheRef exactly what criteria is applied to benefit of the doubt, when ball grounding cannot clearly be established during try scoring

The benefit of the doubt refers to situations where a try has probably been scored but the available footage does not prove it after all available angles have been watched

@Ch4rliejackson #asktheref do you ever get grief of people about the game in your daily life?

To be honest away from match day where supporters emotions can be running "high" I've very rarely been given grief, just good banter generally.

Robert Hicks - Widnes Vikings v Huddersfield Giants

Rob Hicks

@Emily_Douglas7 Do players have to roll away from a tackle after held is called if yes why were Huddersfield not penalised for it all night #AskTheRef

Players must start to move once the call of release/move is called. Hudds did this appropriately and were managed/penalised when not.

@LisaDrummond1 why shouldn't referees be punished like players when they do wrong #asktheref

Do players get dropped for the odd mistake? We are assessed and if performance is below acceptable then we are dropped

@will_brown15 why is the standard or refereeing so poor? Why not employee new refs?

The standard isn’t that poor but if you think you can do better please sign up as we always welcome new recruits

@Harveycoulman96 Whilst in charge of the game do you ever think to yourselves wow what a game or try?

All refs are fans deep down and yes we do admire great skill and play

Tim Roby - Salford City Reds v Bradford Bulls

Tim Roby

@sambaker29 Matty ashurst nearly got his head cleaned off on salfords free play around 30 minutes in, why was there no penalty? #asktheref

I can't find this incident? Maybe you mean Dixon, possible high shot but I didn't have clear view and the arm is more across the chest. TR

@cityreds4life #asktheref why does roby never check down the line?? Bradford was offside all night and never got penalised?

Touch judges monitor the 10m so that we can focus mainly on the ruck. They report offside players to us on the communication system. TR

@ajward1985 Tonight's @SalfordCityReds v Bradford programme says that referee Tim Roby is a philosopher by trade?

Yes, it does - now what would you like to know? TR

@johnerogers Is there age limit for touch judges? One or two look a little bit aged( no offence intended ) and maybe can't keep up too well?

No age limit but regular fitness tests which all officials have to meet regardless of age. TR

@lufcridge can any decision be referred to the video ref, can a linesman look at screen (a replay) then tell ref if he's missed a incident?

We can ask for the video ref to check a restart when play is stopped, e.g. scrum or injury. I only look at the screen when I'm on it. TR