#Asktheref 13th May

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Ben Thaler - Sheffield Eagles v Halifax RLFC

Ben Thaler

RT @MartL1 BT did Wayne Rettie knock on leading to Shef first try? Looked like it came off his leg. #Asktheref

. @MartL1 Rettie did knock on, in stopping the ball with his foot it then bounces up off his hand and he was then penalised for dissent. BT

@Ollie1604 Can the referee disallow a try without going to the video referee? #AskTheRef

. @Ollie1604 Yes he can, we only use the video referee when we aren’t 100% sure on if a try should be awarded or disallowed. BT

@KeananChallis @RFLReferees why is orange jam called marmalade?

. @KeananChallis Don’t really care as I prefer Strawberry! BT

Robert Hicks – Salford City Reds v Warrington Wolves

Rob Hicks

RT @_TomLee_ Atkins held up decision? After review, did he get that decision right? Hard to tell from the south stand

. @_TomLee_ Unfortunately DVD doesn’t show ball as it is blocked by Atkins. In-goal TJ had best view and says he doesn’t ground it. RH

RT @AaronMahoney86 Was Hicks a Raver in his youth as he loves to blow his whistle for no reason every 5 secs???

. @AaronMahoney86 I was more into 80s cheese tbh. RH

RT @PeterOsbornCas do you think refs should be more lenient in order to let a game flow? #asktherefs

. @PeterOsbornCas difficult to achieve as more dominant teams should be rewarded for better play and leniency would prevent this. RH

RT @AndyEdgar84 Also why don't we adopt NRL approach to VR to assist the outcome where inconclusive replays?

. @AndyEdgar84  Not sure would help. It is important the VR looks at the images in front of him and works through the decision based on that rather than perhaps looking for something a ref thinks he has seen but hasn’t. RH

RT @warrington70 guys why is there so much inconsistency with the lying on in the ruck area? Very frustrating, much quicker PTB in NRL?

. @warrington70 We strive to be consistent in the ruck whilst trying to allow the game to flow. The stats don’t back up your assertion though, NRL and SL ruck speed from tackle complete to ball played are very similar, there is a difference in first contact to completion but players are responsible for this area

Richard Silverwood – Wigan Warriors v Hull KR

Rich Silverwood

RT @BigJonMeal why was S. Tomkins not sin binned when he made a professional foul on Hall? I thought they were automatic sin bins?

. @BigJonMeal In my opinion there is a pull by Tomkins but Farrell is covering with others so he doesn't deny a scoring Opportunity. RS

RT @chris426105 Paea tackles Lauaki. Ref waves play on. Lauaki throws punches. Rovers penalised. Why?

. @chris426105 From my angle first hit looks ok by Paea but obviously Lauaki isn't happy with something and pushes(not punch) Paea. Touch Judge reports that Paea did end up around the head thats why Lauaki reacted so penalty to Wigan. RS

RT @Billinge_pete RS HKR got a team warning yesterday.next time Wigan had ball HKR got penalised at the scrum.why no sinbin?

. @Billinge_pete The team warning was for what was happening around the tackle area so when the whole line was offside at scrum to send 1 to the sin bin would have been harsh. RS

RT @MikePreston92 in the NRL if a team pack down for the scrum to stop the clock they have to stay packed down. why isn't it the same over here?

. @MikePreston92 There are numerous little differences from Super League to the NRL and that been one. I agree its something that needs discussing with laws committee. RS

RT @JohnoMark If loose forward holds the ball in the scrum with his should the defending team be pulled for offside

. @JohnoMark The loose forward cant but what Wigan did yesterday was the 2nd row was trapping ball which the line must wait until ball clears the 2nd row. Hull KR didn't on 1 occasion. RS

Phil Bentham - Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos

Phil Bentham

RT @jackbaloo85 2 high shots on robbo care to explain why no bin at all??

. @jackbaloo85 Wouldn't consider sinbin for repeated high tackles without putting team on warning. 2 high wouldn't constitute warning. PB


RT @Dan_Crampton why was Wardle a Red card but not the McGuire incident in the 1st half? In both incident punches were thrown

. @Dan_Crampton   Each incident is ruled on several factors including provocation & severity of punching. My opinion was that the Wardle incident was more severe than the McGuire. PB


RT @SimonWeb When did any punch thrown become an automatic sending off???

. @SimonWeb  Any punch thrown is not an automatic sending off. Each incident is judged on severity by the officials. PB


RT @azknowles19 Brough knocked on but the ref stopped play after the play of the ball. For a try you can’t do this, why in open play?

. @azknowles19  (1/2) There was confusion between referee and touch judge and admittedly I should have stopped the play before the PTB. PB

. . @azknowles19  (2/2) Ultimately the correct decision was made but we are looking at this process in review. PB


RT @celticu18 Huddersfield defending their on their own line PB says NO CROUCHING. Is this a new law?

. @celticu18  Players cannot crouch with hands in the field of play on their own goal line as this is offside so I was warning the players to avoid having to penalise them. PB

Tim Roby - Wakefield Wildcats v Hull FC

Tim Roby

RT @YRSuperleague Might be a question for @RFLReferees there as Andy Raleigh kicks the ball through and it isn't back to 6?

. @YRSuperleague I ruled that it touched Hull but was not played at, so still same tackle. TR

RT @AlexHurst96 T.Roby has just watched Smith put the ball on the line and didn't give it? Please explain?

. @AlexHurst96 I had a very close view and the ball was just short of the line in my opinion. TR

RT @kerrijbarker please explain in the Hull V Wakefield game how a clear wide conversion attempt was given?

. @kerrijbarker I'm not sure which one you mean. I stand in-line with each kick and they all looked correct to me! TR

RT @wakeywakner why wasn't mcdonell sin binned for taking out lee smith deliberately after he chipped over

. @wakeywakner Hull had defenders chasing back who got to ball before another Wakefield chaser so I felt it wasn't try-scoring situation. TR

James Child - London Broncos v Bradford Bulls

James Child

RT @robbeezley question for JC!! Why was Kaufausi not sent off for his shoulder charge on Donno?! 

. @robbeezley Not shoulder charge, MRP agreed (charge: strike with arm/shoulder).Wasn’t sure if there'd been contact to head so on report.JC

RT @TheGameCaller can James Child please clarify why Adrian Purtell's 46th minute try was chalked off? Cheers.

. @TheGameCaller Purtell knocked the ball on as the London player offloaded the ball in the tackle. JC

RT @_roobidoo do refs watch games on telly as a fan when they're not refereeing that day? #asktheref

. @_roobidoo If I’m not busy I might watch a TV game but through the eyes of a referee more than a fan of the sport. JC

RT @TomGerrard21 how do you progress up the ladder when becoming a referee? E.g how long from training until reffing Super League?

. @TomGerrard21 Mainly on performance & potential, experience & fitness. Amateur to SL takes several years dependent on individual JC