#Asktheref 10th June

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Richard Silverwood – Catalan Dragons v Hull FC

Rich Silverwood

RT @edisred why the Pelissier's try was not allowed by the video ref ? #catalanshullfc thanks

. @edisred It should have been and the video referee made an error. RS


RT @joe_foxon Please settle a debate, is it possible to move a penalty forward more than once (eg for dissent)?

. @joe_foxon No. Penalty can only be moved forward once. RS


RT @CliveBowyer when playing the ball does it have to touch the foot or not?

. @CliveBowyer Ideally but so long as there is a genuine attempt then we deem its fine if the ball is missed slightly. RS


RT @DannyWakefield3 what's it like refereeing in an atmosphere like at headingley when its full, or a ground where its very vocal?

 . @DannyWakefield3 Awesome. I love refereeing with big crowds. Players thrive on it and we are the same. RS


RT @JoeyViking seemingly a few 50/50 calls on VR lately. Use of benefit of the doubt seems lower than ever is this deliberate?

. @JoeyViking Benefit of doubt has generally been used on grounding where camera angles prove difficult to make a call one way or the other

. @JoeyViking I can’t recall many where you get that so that's why it’s hardly used. RS

Robert Hicks – Salford v Widnes

Rob Hicks

@jen_finch Was there any reason Wakefield were not penalised for kneeing Martin Gleeson in the head during a tackle? #asktheref

The knee was an accidental collision and not worthy of action


@officialgazb why during last night’s game was Emmit not dismissed for throwing the first punch, when the same official sent poore off v Wigan?

There is a difference – we have to look at each incident on its merit. The Poore punch was one clear deliberate punch direct to the jaw of an opponent causing the player to be floored, it was unprovoked and no retaliation. The punches thrown on Mon did not connect in the same way and had 2 players sparring in a sporadic manner in a game that up to then (and thereafter) had no incidents of note


@callum_moore9 why does joe wardle get a straight red for repeated punching to the head and washbrook earns a penalty? Inconsistency

There is a difference – we have to look at each incident on its merit. The Poore Wardle incident was 4 punches to the head of an opponent and there was no retaliation. The punches thrown on Mon did not connect in the same way and had 2 players sparring in a sporadic manner in a game that up to then (and thereafter) had no incidents of note


@hoggy_180 How hard is for a ref to not be persuaded by a boisterous crowd that is near you?

Refs are so focused on the game given its intensity, speed and the number of decisions made that often the crowd noise is irrelevant. We work hard on ensuring we are not swayed by crowds and I think we do a good job in this respect


@ldwalker10 if player flicks ball round his back and ball goes forward. First motion is backwards so is this a forward pass

The key to any pass is the initial direction it is passed.


@hooky82 what's your favourite sandwich? #dafttweet

BLT but not fussy tbh

Tim Roby - Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers

Tim Roby

RT @Browney2526 just before leeds 2nd try Buchanan was pulled back and awarded a penalty, but Buchanan was a mile offside? #asktheref

. @Browney2526 He is actually onside. TR

RT @bigted79 what's the point of putting someone on report. It gets cited anyway. Copout for the refs I think.

. @bigted79 On report shows that we have seen something live but are not 100% certain. Also means free interchange. TR

RT @SPCSteveConnie Could you please explain the rules on obstruction as they appear to have changed since the Magic Weekend.#AskTheRef

. @SPCSteveConnie We judge on running behind own man close to defensive line, dummy runners initiating contact, and advantage gained. TR

RT @RexyFBaby  What becomes of the broken hearted? #AskTheRef

. @RexyFBaby  They become video referees. TR

James Child – Widnes Vikings v Wigan Warriors

James Child

RT @PeteWRLFC_BWFC Why does james child call time off on 77mins despite widnes packing down 6 yard from the correct scrum mark? #asktheref

. @PeteWRLFC_BWFC  Widnes realised they’d formed at wrong mark & start moving to correct mark when I call time off. I didn’t want to be pedantic. JC


RT @MikeyWire You won't reply. But what is the difference between the Gelling try obstruction and McGuire try at Magic weekend?

. @MikeyWire 1) At Magic option runner stands in defensive line; at Widnes he runs to find space & defender goes to him.

. . @MikeyWire  2) At Magic ball carrier clearly runs behind his option; at Widnes ball is received just on outside of option.

. @MikeyWire  and 3) Greater depth to pass. JC


RT @Craig_CCFC Why did Childs comeback when Owens intercepted it? Crazy decision. #asktheref

. @Craig_CCFC  I was too quick on the whistle giving the forward pass. JC


RT @PeteWRLFC_BWFC Mossop loses ball backwards Leuleui knocks ball forward before gaining possession? Why no scrum? #asktheref

. @PeteWRLFC_BWFC Leuluai knocks ball towards his own line before diving on it so correct to play on, tackle 1. JC


RT @jordanolmez99 why was the ah van try not given?

. @jordanolmez99 Simultaneously grounding of the ball in the in-goal area and on the touch-in-goal line.  No try correct. JC

Phil Bentham – Hull KR v Huddersfield Giants

Phil Bentham

RT @GallanteerBerry Why was Huddersfield not placed on a team warning for constant time wasting (holding down etc)?

. @GallanteerBerry Both teams were penalised when there was holding down. At no time did I feel it necessary to put them on a warning. PB


RT @PhilWilkinson18 What was Robinson penalised for near his own line, was it for time wasting. #AskTheRef

. @PhilWilkinson18 He dummied the play the ball,HKR moved up then he played the ball so I penalised him for deliberately delaying the PTB. PB


RT @karldavis1979 do you actively watch for forward passes anymore? Bentham was level on 2nd Huddersfield try. Pass clearly forward! #asktheref

. @karldavis1979 Yeah we judge every pass. Huddersfield 2nd try was fine. The ball left the hands of the passer in a backwards direction. PB


RT @LJ_YH2 Do you think that we are too soft over here? Watching Origin and they rarely give penalties

. @LJ_YH2 I don't think we are too soft. I refereed St Helen's v Warrington at Magic and there were only 5 penalties.

. @LJ_YH2  It just depends game to game if we think there are offences to penalise. PB


RT @Hinchley86 not super league related, but what happens if a team is found to have 14 players on during a game by the ref, decision?

. @Hinchley86 14th man is dismissed and you play with 13 and 3 interchange players on the bench. PB