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There are three mandatory insurance policies in place covering Public Liability, Personal Accident and Death by Natural Causes.

Experience over many years has shown the only way to ensure all clubs have appropriate insurance protection is for cover to be arranged on a compulsory basis in this way.

Although permanently disabling injuries are thankfully rare in Rugby League the financial implications of such injuries can be very significant and it is recommended that players and clubs consider whether additional cover is appropriate for their own personal circumstances.

Any player or club wishing to take out additional cover over and above that provided by the mandatory policy can do so by contacting Ian Roberts at Bartlett Insurance Brokers on 0113 259 3529 or email

2014 Insurance Premiums

Public Liability Per Club £84.80

Mens Personal Accident £191.87*

Youth, Junior and Women Personal Accident £54.05*

includes Death by Natural Causes Premium

Newly Formed Clubs/Teams

Cover can be obtained by contacting the RFL’s Operations Department on 0844 477 7113 or via e-mail at

An agreement has been reached with Ace that there is a staged approach for new clubs/teams.

  • YEAR 1* - All new teams are covered free of charge
  • YEAR 2* - New teams are covered at 50 per cent of annual premium
  • YEAR 3 - Team/Club should be enrolled for the full premium and receiving full cover

* Please note that the Death by Natural Causes premium will still be payable in full.  Mens £14.50, Womens, Youth and Junior £6.00.

Reporting Serious Injuries

In the case of a player suffering death or serious injury at a Rugby League game or training session at any level, the referee or a club official should contact one of the RFL Officials listed below as soon as possible within the two hour period immediately after the incident or after the extent of the injury becomes known:

  • David Lowe  0771 7218818
  • David Butler 07595 520 174
  • Kelly Barrett 0773 9819750
  • Emma Rosewarne  07850 483736

For the purposes of this reporting system the following are viewed as "serious injuries":

  • Broken neck or spine
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Incident in which the player stops breathing
  • Incident in which the player loses consciousness for a period of more than five minutes
  • Head injuries leading to surgery or a stay of more than 48 hours in hospital
  • Any other injury which is life threatening

The following information should be provided to the RFL Official:

  • Name of the player
  • Age
  • Nature of injury
  • Cause of injury if apparent
  • Venue where injury occurred
  • Contact details for player's family if available
  • Name of player's club
  • Club contact details
  • Hospital to which the player has been taken if known
  • Any other relevant information

The RFL Official will:

  • Inform the RFL Serious Injuries Officer, Steve Ball who will make contact with the player's family to see if there is any immediate support the RFL can offer
  • Inform the rest of the group that the injury has occurred
  • Handle enquiries from the media
  • Deal with any requests for immediate assistance for the player's family
  • Inform the RFL Insurance brokers on the first working day after the incident