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“I have been involved in rugby league all my life as a fan, and now a journalist and I’m glad to hear of an initiative like this in the game. I would encourage all families up and down the country to take advantage of this offer and take along their kids in the holidays when they buy their match ticket. More youngsters get to watch the game and more families will be able to have a day out all together.”

George Riley
Sports Presenter
BBC Radio 5live, BBC TV

“The concept of kids going free to games is fantastic.  The more children exposed to the game the better, and to be able to help out families during these hard times is a positive thing.”    

Paul Sculthorpe
Two times Man of Steel winner, and Co-operative ambassador

“This is a great idea! Congratulations to the RFL and The Co-operative on this new initiative in rugby league. This should benefit the whole of the sport and being a massive fan myself I’ll make sure to tell all my friends and family about this so they can take advantage of this amazing scheme and take their kids along to matches with them. What’s best of all is that it’s helping out families when times are tough.”

Ryan Sidebottom
England & Yorkshire Cricketer

“I’m a massive Rugby League fan and have followed the sport from an early age with my family.  Rugby League is a fantastic family sport, and I fully lend my support to giving as many children as possible the opportunity to attend games.”

Lucy-Jo Hudson

‘I’m a big fan of Rugby League and when I can in between cricket matches, I love nothing more than catching a game.  Enabling kids to go free to games is a great way of opening up the sport to more people.’

Graeme Swann
England and Nottinghamshire Cricketer

“I am proud to support kids going free to games.  I have been a big fan of the game all my life, and I think it’s brilliant that more people get the chance to watch this great game.  Helping out families and getting more kids along is a great initiative.”

Johnny Vegas
Actor and Comedian

Kids Go Free