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Tim Roby - London Broncos v Leeds Rhinos

Tim Roby

RT @mattywatsonuk Question for @RFLReferees Tim Roby, that beard. What on earth were you thinking? You look like Brian Blessed #gordonsalive

. @mattywatsonuk I was thinking more Marx or Engels, but thanks anyway. TR


RT @jaybs Why is it Ref Roby does not to see high shots on Broncos players???

. @jaybs I can hardly see a thing with this beard in the way. TR


RT @Listxr how on earth did Tim Roby not see the forward pass just before the 78th/79th minute by Leeds? It's not NFL #ridiculous

. @Listxr Sinfield stands in front of the PTB and my view is blocked. TR


RT @CailCookland why wasnt sinfield awarded the 40/20 when luke dorns foot was clearly on the line

. @CailCookland It was a mistake by the touch-judge and should have been a 40/20. TR


RT @deanas1967  Deliberate shoulder charge on Rob Burrows. Interested to hear you comments please. #sinbin

. @deanas1967  There is no mandatory sin bin for shoulder charges. No contact with the head so penalty sufficient. TR

Robert Hicks - Castleford Tigers v Warrington Wolves

Rob Hicks

RT @DannyWadsworth1 should referees be laughing at fans? To me and many others that seems wrong and unprofessional!

1/3 .@DannyWadsworth1 Not sure how it is either tbh, so what you say is fans can shout what they want but refs cant enjoy their job?

2/3 .@DannyWadsworth1 Not sure how you would know he was laughing at fans anyway perhaps he was talking with a player.

3/3 .@DannyWadsworth1 Or are you more disappointed that the ref wasn’t upset by abuse? RH


RT @MattyKirkham_ why was Castleford's first try disallowed from the scrum and given as a  penalty to Warrington?

. @MattyKirkham_ Ryan Boyle pulled Trent Waterhouse out of the way and the Cas player went thro the gap so obstruction. RH


RT @JohnnyGordon6 Does Robert Hicks have his own rule book @RFLReferees?

. @JohnnyGordon6 I know we live an age of austerity but we all have our own copy of the same rule book. RH


RT @A_McPhillips Explain how Warrington's conversion to take them to 36 was given? Clearly missed.

. @A_McPhillips It went between the posts. RH


RT @minichuch why was there no penalty for crossing 12 mins into second half in cas Warrington game?  #asktheref

. @minichuch There is no such rule as crossing it has to be obstruction and the play you say does not impede a player so is OK. RH


RT @Ashley39Moore amongst other bad calls, can RH please justify not giving a forward pass by Ryan Boyle to Jordan Tansey for the Adam Milner try

. @Ashley39Moore The pass from Boyle is fine he reaches out in front of his body and the ball does not travel forward from the hands. RH

Ben Thaler - Catalan Dragons v St Helens

Ben Thaler

RT @SAINTSGUS BT i saw a red card in your hand when you sinbinned LMS so you had it with you. Why not use it rather than bottle out?

1/2 .@SAINTSGUS I had both cards in my pocket well observed, sadly none of the on field Officials saw exact point of contact with Gareth’s head

2/2 .@SAINTSGUS  therefore the only option is to place the incident on report, which is why the on report system was brought in. BT


RT @chindmarch Please explain why the shoulder charge to O'Briens head is not an instant dismissal? #asktheref

. @chindmarch If we had seen that contact was made to the head he (Taia) would have been dismissed and correctly so. BT


RT @mandyjbond How much input did videoref have into the degree of punishment given to Zeb Taia after the shouldercharge on Obrien?

1/4 .@mandyjbond Due to lack of quality footage live the Video Ref was unable determine exact point of contact, that’s information he (I.Smith)

2/4 .@mandyjbond re-laid to me from Production Van, on that basis we didn’t have the evidence in live play to dismiss Taia, which is unfortunate

3/4 .@mandyjbond Match Review Panel spent over 6 hours on Monday looking at incidents from the weekend and only 3 players have been charged

4/4 .@mandyjbond  over 7 games, that is how detailed things are looked into. BT


RT @JobieWarner BT. why wasn't Brown given a red card for stopping a clear try opportunity?

1/3 .@JobieWarner  I don’t believe there was a Brown on the field? There was an incident in the game where Catalans Maria tackled a St Helens

2/3 .@JobieWarner player chasing a loose ball, this was picked up & as it may have been a try scoring opp, becomes a professional foul and he

3/3 .@JobieWarner was correctly sent to the sin bin. We don’t give red for this & I wouldn’t call 20 metres out clear try scoring opp. BT 

Richard Silverwood - Wigan Warriors v Hull KR

Rich Silverwood

RT @GallanteerBerry Withers was sin binned for a dangerous tackle. Was O'laughlins spear tackle in the first half not dangerous then?

. @GallanteerBerry  He was sin binned as Hull KR were still on a team warning. That offence was 7mins after warning. RS


RT @DannyWakefield3 39mins, wasn't a HKR forward pass, and it costs HKR 6 points, hugely unfair and a poor decision

. @DannyWakefield3 TJ called forward. It’s a tight call agree but doesn't cost a team 6 points as they still have to defend the set. RS


RT @GallanteerBerry How long is a team warning? About 6 to 8 sets later and also half time and then Withers sent off to sin bin?

. @GallanteerBerry No set time but we look to around 10mins penalty free to say there has been a reaction to team warning. RS


RT @Jahmez_HKR On at least 2 occasions Wigan players made 2 steps forward off mark at PTB but not penalised. Why not? #AskTheRef

. @Jahmez_HKR Watching the game back nothing stands out as a penalty for moving off mark. Feel free to give me times and ill look again. RS


RT @KevAscroft Hull KR constantly offside last night, Silverwood payed hardly any attention to it! Why don't linesmen watch it?

.@KevAscroft TJs do & I got calls of offside players from both sides but it’s whether or not they make tackle as to whether its a penalty or not. RS


RT @Tommcc2 Did Richard Silverwood yellow card himself saturday night, so he could have a ten minute nap in fibre?

.@Tommcc2 Ha, id just sat down reading the latest tweets to @RFLReferees which made me close my eyes for 10mins. RS

Phil Bentham - Hull FC v Widnes Vikings

Phil Bentham

RT @Jahmez_HKR Is there a credible development program in place for getting potential new refs to @SuperLeague standard #AskTheRef 

. @Jahmez_HKR All full time refs came through development programme. Ian Smith coaches Championship refs to develop them to SL standard. PB


RT @Valo17 On a serious note, does the 'on report' need looking at? Seems an easy cop out when every man and his dog can see the foul play

. @Valo17 Most times foul play is identified & penalty awarded - 'on report' is used if there is a doubt on the severity of an incident. PB


RT @James_Stead13  why do we have referees? Every single game of every week some decisions are farcical to say the least

1/2 . @James_Stead13  Every single game every week people will disagree on decisions, you may find a decision farcical but someone

2/2 . @James_Stead13  else will agree with it, hence the need for a referee to make those decisions. PB


RT @CGMason_11 forwards/flat passes are hard to judge with the lack of consistency with decisions. Is there anyway more consistent decisions?

. @CGMason_11 I don't think its a lack of consistency. each and every pass is different and comes down to the opinion of the official. PB

James Child - Wakefield Wildcats v Bradford Bulls & Wigan Warriors v Hull KR Video Ref

James Child

RT @jackhouseman how was josh chanleys 2nd try against hull kr given? #AskTheRef

1/2 .@jackhouseman Having viewed 3 different angles of the ball & touch in goal line, in my opinion 2 angles (see photos) showed the..

2/2 .@jackhouseman  ball was grounded first on the goal line before touching the touch in goal line so the balance of evidence was a try. JC


RT @JamesRoughley clarification on Charnley's third try, doesn't look to be any separation from hand to grounding?

. @JamesRoughley His hand makes initial contact with ball, but based on slow motion replays in my opinion his hand comes away from ball. JC


RT @Adam_Harrison9 why did james child not give penalty against bradford for dragging reece lyne back after tackle completed the play before

.@Adam_Harrison9 Lyne surrenders to floor, when I call tackle L’Estrange stops. Had Lyne been dragged further, would have been penalised. JC


RT @OrdRichard brad knd on wakey picked ball up and broke away, would’ve scored. James gave scrum WTW feed, Why no advantage??

. @OrdRichard There was no advantage, there were 2 knock ons – Kearney knocks on into Cockayne who then knocks on into Kearney. JC


RT @M_R_Lyons Why do sum touch judges get involved in everything, then others ignore everything, offsides & forward passes mostly

.@M_R_Lyons TJs don’t get involved in everything but do have bigger role than fans think, most input is via comms system, not visible. JC